Paige Popich: Love, Beginning, Net Worth, and Life Facts

Paige Popich

Paige Popich is the celebrity wife of the famous American Football Outside Linebacker, Rob Ninkovich. Due to her husband’s big fan base, Paige has a good following too. If you wish to know about Paige Popich and her unknown secrets, go through this blog post. 

Questions like her net worth, family background, education, and more will be revealed, and you will know her like she’s the girl next door!

Who is Paige Popich?

Paige Popich is mostly known for being the wife of Rob Ninkovich, but that’s not it. The couple has been dating for more than 6 years and now married for many years.  Paige has a life of her own too!

How did life begin for Paige?

Paige was born on November 12th, 1984, in Gretna. Her parents are Rachel Popich and Joseph Popich. Further, she has a sibling too, named Lana Popich. 

What about her Education?

Paige Popich had successfully graduated from Louisiana State University. She got herself a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Also, she served as a nurse in Ochsner hospital. 

Let’s get a bit personal!

Paige and Rob met when they were at the very beginning of their careers. Meaning, they had just broken the shells and entered into the worldly business. This couple first met each other at Manning’s Restaurant, New Orleans. The year was 2006, Paige was working as a Nurse, and Ron had just entered into the NFL Profession. 

Presently, Paige Popich and Rob Ninkovich are happily married. No wonder they took 6 years to get to know each other, only then they decided to marry. June 29, 2012, was the day when they tied the knot of marriage and gave themselves to each other. By the way, the venue was Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church. As everyone does, Rob and Paige invited many close friends and relatives into the marriage ceremony, and now they have been married for almost 9 years. 

The rumours say that Paige Popich and Rob Ninkovich love each other, and their life is full of comfort and convenience. The couple gave birth to two children, an elder daughter and a small and cute son. The daughter was born in 2013, and the son in 2016.

The profession of Paige Popich’s husband

Rob Ninkovich had touched the world on February 1, 1984, in Blue Island, Illinois, USA. He went to Lincoln-Way East High School, and earned a graduate degree in 2006, just before he met Paige. 

Rob played for the New Orleans saint team in the 2006 NFL Draft and was on the side of the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. He had decided to retire from his NFL Profession in 2016. By then, he had completed playing for 11 seasons. 

Aside from all this, Rob and Paige have a loving history, as all loving couples do. There were many ups and downs in Rob’s career. For instance, he had a knee injury, which held him back in his career. At times like these, Paige was always with Rob, and they both shattered through all the pain and suffering together. 

Furthermore, Paige has a more charitable side to her character. She loves to do charity work. Paige participates in events for needy people and does court drives. 

What is Paige’s net worth?

Paige is currently not working. Her husband’s net worth is more than 1-5 million dollars, and by the way, she also earned a good amount from the nursing profession. Paige’s Net worth is still a mystery.

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