A Popular Businesswoman Dorys Madden Age, Net Worth, Bio And Facts

Dorys Madden

Dorys Madden is one of the popular women on the internet. The reason for her popularity is her spouse, Julius Erving. Julius is a retired basketball NBA player in America. In this article, let us have a look at Dorys Madden’s personal life and career.

Who Is Dorys Madden? What About Her Profession?

Dorys Madden is the wife of the powerful basketball player, Julius Erving. Julius is already married and divorced his first wife. Madden is his second wife. Dorys fans call her in different names such as Mrs. Erving, Mrs. Dorys, Maddison, Chaplin, etc.

At present, she is a businesswoman in America. It means that she is helping her spouse to manage his business. Also, she helps him in managing many charity-related works. The lady is from Honduras but later on, she shifted to the U.S. The reason for her migration is to search for a good job in the U.S.

Quick Bio:Wikis & Life Facts

☛ Real Name Dorys Madden
☛ Birthday 17 October, 1969
☛ Birthplace Tegucigalpa, Honduras
☛ Height
5 feet 6 inches. 170 cm. 1.7 m.
☛ Nationality
☛ TV shows/Movies
☛ Profession 2nd wife of former NBA Player Julius Erving
☛ Spouse Julius Erving
☛ Siblings
☛ Brother
☛ net worth $1 million
☛ Age Age 52 years as of 2021
☛ Parents

Dorys Madden – A Popular Personality On The Internet

Madden was born on 17 October 1969. Her birthplace is Tegucigalpa, Honduras. There is no information regarding her parents. But her nationality is known, which is mixed. Her nationality is American and European. At present, Madden’s age is 52 years old.

Coming to her original name, it is Dorys L Ramirez. But after marriage, she changed her name to Dorys Madden. Dorys belongs to the Mestizos ethnicity.

An interesting fact about her love life is that she is 20 years younger than her husband. This is the main reason that made her gain much popularity among people. Though they had a big age difference, they never had any problems in their relationship. At present, she is enjoying her life with Julius in a luxurious home in New York.

Education Life Of Dorys Madden:

Dorys Madden studied in a local high school where she completed her schooling. To complete her bachelor’s degree, she joined the Instituto Central Vicente Caceres in Honduras. In 1998, she shifted to the U.S for searching for a job. She got a job as a retail dealer for tobacco products.

Personal Life Of Dorys Madden:

Soon after she started her career as a retail dealer, she met Julius and fell in love with him. The couple started dating which resulted in two kids before marriage. The problem is that Julius is already married Turquoise Erving and after marriage, he dated Dorys. 

After knowing about Dorys-Julius relationship, Turquoise Erving divorced him. The first child of Dorys-Julius relationship is Jules. The couple’s second child, Justin was born in the same year of Julius-Turquoise’s divorce. After the marriage of Dorys and Julius, they had a third child, Julietta. At present, the couple has three kids living in New York City. Despite these three kids, Madden also takes care of her step-daughter. This daughter is from the ex-affair of Julius.

Julius also had another daughter named Alexandra Steveson. This is from his relationship with a sportswriter, Samantha. Alexandra Steveson is a popular tennis player. Julius also has four kids from his relationship with his ex-wife, Turquoise. The couple has the youngest son, Cory who died in a pool. 

The reason for Julius and Turquoise is the death of their youngest son. As a result, the couple divorced soon.

Career of Dorys Madden:

Madden was a simple and ordinary girl when she was living in Honduras. She enjoyed a normal life like others. In Honduras, she lived with her parents, siblings, and friends. She also completed her schooling in her hometown. 

Once she completed her graduation, she moved to the United States for the career. She started her career in a retail store. Madden was a tobacco products dealer.

After meeting Julius, she came into the limelight as a wife of Julius. Though she is a wife of a popular personality, she prefers a low-profile life. She also maintains distance from the media. 

Dorys Madden Net Worth:

At present, Dorys Madden is a businesswoman managing all her husband’s companies. She is the main member of a company, as she is having the decision-making right. Madden also helps her husband to control the charity works. At present, she is living with her spouse and kids. 

There is no information regarding her net worth. But the net worth of her spouse is available. So, the combined net worth of the couple is around $50 million.

The Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Dorys Madden is a popular celebrity’s wife who is enjoying her luxurious life. She is almost 20 years old younger than her spouse. Thus, she gained popularity among people for having a big age difference. Read through the article, to get some interesting facts about Dorys Madden.

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