Bonnie McMurray Age, Height, Net Worth 2021, and Other Facts

Bonnie McMurray

Letterkenny Bonnie McMurray – A Beautiful Canadian Actress In Hollywood: Kamilla Kowal is a young and stunning Canadian Actress. She did several films and one of her popular roles in Letterkenny is Bonnie McMurray. Most of her fans call her name by using this role name “Bonnie McMurray”. Let us have a brief discussion about Kamilla Kowal in this article.

Who Is Kamilla Kowal?

Kamilla Kowal is an actress from Canada. She became famous after doing a stellar performance in Letterkenny. It is a TV series where she did the role of Bonnie McMurray. Similar to other actresses, Kamilla started her career as a model. Now, she is a popular actress, as she is featured in many movies such as American hangman and The New Romantic.

Early Life Of Kamilla Kowal:

The model was born on 17th July 1998. Her birthplace is Ontario, Canada. As of now, she is 23 years old. Other facts like her parents and siblings are not available. All such information is under review which we will update soon.

Based on some sources, Kamilla’s parents are of mixed race. It means that either her mother or father may not be a Canadian. She grew up in Ontario with her siblings.

Education Life Of Kamilla Kowal:

Kamilla completed her schooling at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School. Then, she joined one of the reputed universities in Canada. It was the University of Toronto. She completed her graduation from this university. Kamilla had a great interest in sports named Football.

At the age of 10, her parents made her join the Canadian Acting Agency. The name of the agency is Charm Plus Agency. It is the origin where she started to learn different methods of acting. She had a great interest in learning acting skills. Kamilla never missed her acting class and her parents also encouraged her a lot to become an actress.

Along with the acting class, she also learned modeling. It helped her to enter the modeling industry.

Kamilla Kowal’s Career:

As A Model:

Kamilla Started her career as a big model. She worked with many brands to promote all of them. Some of them include Darling Clothes and Loewe.

She went to different places like Florida and Costa Rica for photoshoots. Kamilla is also involved in several Fashion Shows in France and Canada. In 2020, Kamilla won the Miss Greater Sudbury Pageantry title.

As An Actress:

Kamilla acted in several TV series and sitcoms. But she gained huge popularity by acting in a comedy series named “Letterkenny”. In this series, she acted in the role of “Bonnie McMurray”. Most people call her using this character name. It was a comedy series that had almost nine seasons. It ran in the year between 2016 and 2019.

Jared Keeso is the director of Letterkenny. It was the YouTube series at first which is in the name of Letterkenny Problems Before Crave. But after some time, it turned out to be the TV series named “Letterkenny”.

The CTV, a comedy channel on TV, started to play this series. The series is based on the Ontario Community. Letterkenny’s series portrayed the life of the rural community and the shoot was in Sudbury town. 

The series gained huge popularity among people and Kamilla is popular as Bonnie McMurray. It won the “Best Comedy Series Award” in 2017 for the 5th season. People are waiting for the new seasons of Letterkenny.

Kamilla acted in several films and TV series and some of them are

  • Web of Lies
  • The New Romantic
  • Letterkenny
  • Secrets in Small Town
  • American Hangman

Kamilla Kowal – Personal Life:

Kamilla is in a love relationship with Luke McCaw. McCaw is a graduate of Laurentian University. He is a Golf and Hockey player. But, Kamilla is not yet married to McCaw.

Kamilla Kowal – Controversies:

Based on some sources, it seems Bonnie McMurray actress is taking an injection for her lips. It is also known as Lip Augmentation. This process is to enhance the lips. So, this matter stays controversial and there is no confirmation regarding this news.

Kamilla Kowal – Net Worth:

There is no confirmation regarding her net worth. But based on some sources, Kamilla’s net worth is around 500000 USD to 600000 USD. She is enjoying a luxurious life and owns a Ferrari 458 of 438732 USD.

The Bottom Line:

Kamilla Kowal is a young and talented actress in the Hollywood Industry. At a very young age, she gained a good position in the entertainment industry. It is her hard work, dedication, and determination that made her gain this position.