An Overview On Launching An Efficient Gojek Clone App For Your Multi-service Business

Gojek Clone App

On-demand startups are increasing day by day in the market. Small, medium and large-scale entrepreneurs or organizations are launching on-demand services in the market every day. In a land, where innovations are welcomed with wide hands, entrepreneurs are finding many approaches to provide almost all the services on demand. A few of them are providing multiple services under a single roof recently. After the massive success of GoJek in the market, many business persons had plans to launch a multi-service app like GoJek

An affordable app solution

To help such entrepreneurs launch their multi-service business, the clone apps came to the market. They were cost-effective and less time-consuming. It was more advanced than an app developed from scratch, and it was launched on multiple platforms in a few days. So, the business persons went for the GoJek clone app.

  • Benefits of launching a GoJek Clone app:
  • Multiple services can be provided with the help of a single app. 
  • Each service will have a separate landing page. 
  • Managing and monitoring the services will be easy. 
  • Analytics will be available in the app.
  • Customers will prefer this app over installing multiple apps.

Top 10 features of a GoJek Clone app

The clone app should have the following ten attributes in the app to provide the customer with an informative and user-friendly app. 

Social media login/sign up:

The user should be allowed to sign in via their social media accounts. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., can be compatible with the app. This will ensure a hassle-free signup process, and the verification process will also be effortless for the administrator.

Address list:

Users can place a request from any place they want. A few locations, such as the home and office addresses, can be saved to the address list. Next time when the user wants to avail a service at that particular location, they can save time by easily selecting it from the list. 

Scheduled service requests:

The app will provide a scheduling facility for the users. They can specify the location, service required, and time while scheduling a request. A service provider who is available on that particular date and time will be assigned. The customer will be reminded about the service appointment a few hours before the specified time. 

Supports multiple languages:

The app can be displayed in any language of the user’s choice. People who want to view the app in their native language can do so at the time of profile setup or later by navigating to the Settings page. 

Keep a track:

The live tracking feature is available in the app using which the customer can track the service provider and vice versa. It is made possible with the assistance of GPS and Google Maps. The contact details of the service provider and the customer will also be visible to each other. In case of queries, they can stay in contact easily. 

Various categories:

Since it is a multi-service app, there are several categories of services available within the app. They will be displayed in the app along with the sub-categories to help the customer choose the service they want in no time. 

Bill summary and confirmation:

Once a customer chooses a service, the total fare will be displayed in the app. A detailed invoice will also be available that contains details such as base fare, delivery or service charge, distance fee, and more. 

Modes of payment:

The app will include multiple payment gateways that are secure and safe. It will not track any banking details of the customer. They can use a gateway of their choice and pay in a few seconds. Cash on delivery option is also available. 


The fare of each service will vary. Based on parameters such as distance, service or product required, demand, and more, the pricing can be increased or decreased. Every service will have a base fare. The variation in the price will be decided based on the parameter specified. 

Ratings and feedback:

Once the service request is resolved successfully, the customer and the service provider can rate each other. If they need to provide feedback or any suggestions, they can do so on the reviews page. The user can request a change of service provider if they have consistently low ratings or bad reviews. 

Summing up

Since it consists of multiple services, the app should be highly efficient and user-friendly. Include the necessary features specified above in your GoJek Clone app. Also, make sure that it is compatible with multiple platforms. The app you launch should satisfy all your business requirements. Find a suitable app development company that will provide you with good quality apps at budget-friendly rates.