How To Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Clean: The 4 Best Methods

How To Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Clean

Dusty heating and cooling vents aren’t just ugly. They can also restrict the airflow into a room if the dust buildup gets bad enough, and you risk dust and debris getting down into your air ducts. So, to keep your heating and cooling vents free of dust and debris, below we have both some cleaning tips and some preventative ideas. These tips to keep your heating and cooling vents clean are actually very easy to do and only take a few minutes.

Dusty air vents are an eye sore

You may be tempted to go around with a vacuum to get the dust and debris off your vents, but a cheap, dusty-looking vent can actually hurt the performance of your heating or cooling system. To make matters worse, if there are any particles in your vents from the grime buildup, they are likely to cause other problems too. The dust and debris that may collect in your vents can cause your air to not circulate as well throughout your home or not circulate at all, and this can lead to lower air quality. So, to avoid the embarrassment of not having a dust-free heating or cooling system, you will need to clean your vents once or twice a year. Cleaning your vents will also help keep your vents clear and allow them to perform better.

Dust and debris can get down into your air ducts

How to Clean Your Heating and Cooling Vent: Use a Blower A blower will help you pull the debris down through the opening. This is the most efficient method we’ve found for getting rid of the particulate matter. We’ve actually learned from our friends at Apartment Therapy that just a little run-off rain at the base of your vents can provide a good base for dust and debris to settle. Spray it with your vacuum cleaner This can help a lot. All you’ll have to do is blast the vent with your vacuum cleaner. Since you’re vacuuming the mess into the opening, this can be effective if it’s a single person vent that doesn’t have a lot of debris. If it’s a stack vent that has a few pieces of debris, you’ll probably need to blast them down.

Here are some tips to keep your heating and cooling systems clean

Clean out the vents regularly. They need to be cleaned at least twice a year and all vents should be swept out regularly. It’s recommended that you do this during the spring and fall seasons, and that you do this before winter sets in and when humidity is low. If you are unable to do this in between the two seasons, just make sure to sweep them out once a month with a carpet sweeper. Make sure that the vents are in good condition. If your vents are broken or don’t work properly, clean them out. If they are in good condition, your heating and cooling system will run more efficiently. Clear away any debris from the vents and the coils. Dirty coils or baffles will result in an inefficient airflow and poor heat and air circulation in your home.

To prevent dust buildup, invest in a good filter.

Clean your vent filters regularly, and also make sure you keep the vent free of debris (and other objects) that could block the air flow and cause a blockage. To prevent any unwanted air from entering your ducts, duct cleaning . While most duct cleaners can also clean your heating and cooling vents, if you really want to get the best treatment for your ducts, it’s also worth checking out the many different thermal duct cleaners that are available. The selection is extensive and many of them even offer free heat mapping services which will help you determine where you might have an especially clogged duct or two. If you haven’t had your heating and cooling vents cleaned in a while, it might be a good idea to have them professionally cleaned.

keep the filter clean, wash it with vinegar or baking soda.

To keep dust and debris from building up in your ducts, use a DIY cleaner like this one and clean your blower blades, wash with compressed air. Get rid of the buildup in the air ducts, use an air-activated caulk and keep out dust and debris, spray the ductwork with an oil-based paint-like spray. If you have high maintenance ductwork, check out our guide to professional ductwork. 4 Important Tips for Keeping Your Heating and Cooling System Clean 1. Clean the Filter Before the filter needs to be replaced, you should first check the filter. Clean your filter by running it through a vinegar wash. Apply equal parts white vinegar and water to a spray bottle, and add some food coloring (to prevent mixing and discoloration).

To prevent dust buildup, use a vacuum cleaner attachment on your vent.

Also, if you have a high-efficiency furnace, you can use the filter at the top of the duct to remove dust and debris from your ductwork. How To Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Clean: The Best Method You don’t have to do any heavy duty cleaning, unless your ducts are especially dirty. For dust buildup, your best bet is simply to clean with a vaccum hose. Make sure you clean with a HEPA-certified HEPA-quality vacuum cleaner. These are good for cleaning a lot of different types of dust out of the air. Next, find the worst area in your duct work and use a vacuum cleaner that’s designed specifically for this area of the house. These devices can be used for both hard surfaces (such as the ceiling) and soft surfaces (like rugs or upholstered furniture).

To prevent dust buildup, use a towel to wipe out the vents.

To clean the vents, follow these steps: Wet a towel with warm water. Dip the towel in the water. Wipe your vents with the damp towel. As you are wiping the vents, note that you shouldn’t use heavy-duty cleaning products like window cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth, cotton swabs, or soft rags. If you have access to a can of mild-odor air freshener, it will help too. Once the vents are clean, use an air freshener or a commercial dehumidifier. #3: Keep the Air Filters Clean Dusty filters can also have a dramatic effect on your airflow. If the filters aren’t clean, the airflow in your system will be restricted, leading to high heating bills and air-conditioning use. There are a couple different ways to clean your heating and cooling filters, and I’ll cover both here.


The most important thing to remember here is that you want to clean both sides of the vent. On one side, you want to clean it from inside the unit to outside. From outside, you want to clean it from outside the unit to inside the unit. However, there are other things you should be mindful of, including doing this outside because you want to make sure you don’t damage the unit. Here’s a breakdown of how to clean your vents and prevent damage to them in the process. Tips to keep your vents clean: Keep filters clean. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean the vents without pulling down a dirty filter. If you don’t have a HEPA filter in your vacuum, a moist mop or microfiber cloth will do. Clean or replace the filters as often as you can. When it comes to cleaning or eliminating pollutants, dust, and odors from houses, Duct Cleaning in Cheltenham promises fast service and expert help. Any sort of dust, filth, or stain has the potential to degrade the quality of the air within your home, which can be hazardous to your health.