FirstRowSports Alternative Sites for Watching Online Sports 2021-22


Those who are fans of sports would never miss watching Firstrowsports. Because it is one of the excellent websites where you can watch live sports. Despite staying anywhere in the world, you can watch live sports without any worry.

If you doubt how to watch live sports, here is the way. Just go to a website like Firstrowsports where you will get a list of menus. You will see all kinds of sports listed on the menu. Some of them include,

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Moto GPSSS
  • US Football
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

If you are looking for some other sports, you can search in the “Others” category. Thus, you can watch whatever you want to. Firstrowsports is gathering all the sports from the different stadiums around the world. If you consider Firstrowsports with other streaming websites, this stands first. Because it has the top advantages such as

  • Better Quality
  • Fewer Advertisements
  • Several Streaming Options

Thus, you can watch live sports and other games daily on this site. The website also offers other sports such as 

  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Baseball

Many people consider Firstrowsports is the best way to watch any live sports. Yes, of course, it is the best site to watch sports. But what to do for those who can’t access this site in their location? They can watch sports on other websites similar to Firstrowsports. In this article, let us discuss such sports websites in detail.

11 Top Websites Like First Row Sports:


ESPN is one of the popular websites to watch live sports. It is not only streaming live sports but also providing news, highlights, shows, etc. related to sports. ESPN is a television channel but you can access it through other ways also. Anywhere you stay, you can watch live sports using this website. The most important thing about his website is that it is 100% legal. It means that it is not violating any law for providing sporting content.

You can watch lots of sporting content. Ensure that you are not missing any of the gaming content. You can watch 

  • Live Games
  • Highlights
  • Sports News
  • Sporting Events
  • Debates

When you watch this website, you will feel like staying at a home. One more thing is that one can watch only US-based games on this site. Some of them are

  • Wrestling
  • Tennis
  • Sports Center
  • American Football
  • Softball
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby


If you are looking for the best alternative for Firstrowsports, you can watch StrikeOut. On this website, you can watch recent games and live sports. One can watch this website through other devices such as Mobile, PC, Laptop, and Tablet, etc. On this website, you can enjoy watching

  • MLB Stream
  • Premier League Stream
  • College Football Stream
  • NFL Matches

VIP League:

One of the best sports websites that you can watch is VIP League. On this website, you can watch all kinds of sports such as 

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

On this website, the main menu is classified into different categories. So you can easily access to live broadcast of sports and games.

SportLemon TV:

You may look for some websites which are easily accessible to watch live sports. One such website is SportLemon TV. Even the people who don’t have enough knowledge of computer can easily understand this site. Based on reliability and viewing options, this site is similar to FirstRowSports. 

An advantage is that you can download some content externally for watching it later. SportsLemon TV provides you an array of sports. Some of them include boxing, cricket, tennis, hockey, football, etc.


Stopstream provides an excellent platform for watching live sports and games. Though you are staying somewhere, you can still access and watch sports events live. Thus, Stopstream is the best live streaming site for sports. Because the website provides sports channels that are fully accessible.

Stopstream has its sports section where you can quickly find the live games and sports. Also, the website allows third-party websites to stream sports content. Such third-party websites include Drakulastream, FromHot, USA Destinations, and other websites, etc. 

On this website, you will get a lot of things than you get in Firstrowsports. Thus, this website serves as the best alternative for First Row Sports.

Live TV:

Live TV is the best alternative for First Row Sports to watch live sports. It is a Russian domain where you can watch live stream sports. This website is the extension of the Live TV – Free Live Sport Streams. For getting links to sports events, you can visit this Live TV. Many live streaming links for watching sports events are available on this site.

The Live TV original domain is in Russian. But it is available in other languages such as German, English, and French languages. At the bottom of the page in Live TV, you can change it to the needed language after checking the menu. But for links, you won’t get any categories or divisions. Thus, you can get mobile-friendly links on the home page of Live TV.

From Hot:

One of the best streaming sites for watching free sports is “From Hot”. It is similar to First Row Sports. It is the best organized and labeled website for watching sports. The best thing about this site is that you can spend a little time searching and much time watching sports. You don’t have to spend time browsing sites on the internet, as From Hot is the best site for live sports. Things that you can watch here include

  • A football game in Dallas
  • A Soccer game in Ukraine
  • A tennis game in Italy

On the Homepage of “From Hot”, you can find many live events related to sports and games. Even, you can see the long list of sports that are going to stream on that day. You can search in the archives to see sports that happened just a while. Thus, no more time to waste, just visit the sports streaming site 24/7.


One of the coolest alternatives for First Row Sports is VIPBox. Here you can watch live sports and games. The website comes with a clean layout, as it makes the searching process easier. You can easily navigate to different menus on this site. 

The website is popular on search engines and scores a good ranking too. Because the website provides a unique quality of varying sports content. Thus, it can gather regular traffic on its site. The website also provides a progressive user interface.

You can watch live sports and events in HD quality. Also, there is no time lagging problems on this site. VIPBox comes with an automated link option. This allows users to select the best link for watching sports. You can choose the right option based on 

  • Connectivity
  • Internet Speed
  • Bandwidth Limit

The VIPBox allows you to watch several sports such as

  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Basketball


Myp2p is another alternative for First Row Sports. You can get all types of sports and their events here. There is no need to pay some money for watching sports, as it is entirely free. The live streaming site for watching free sports is Myp2p.EU. Though it streams with few ads in between, you can enjoy the high quality of the site. 

Coming to the user interface, it is smooth, clean, and attractive. Other sports that you find in Myp2p are

  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • MotoGP
  • Football

This website comes with the advantage of providing multiple links. It means the multiple links that you get a single sports event. So, the user has a choice to click the right link for watching a live sports event.


fuboTV is different from other sports websites. Here you will get premium sports coverage. Also, you can get different channels for watching live sports. fuboTv is one of the best sports websites that you can enjoy the service. But the problem is that you need to pay some fee for getting unlimited service. Moreover, the platform offers 100 sports channels.

You can watch several things on different channels. Some of them include

  • American Football (NFL)
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • NBA

Coming to the streaming speed, it is so good and impressive. But you should have a good internet connection to watch sports properly. 

The main drawback of this website is that it is available in some countries only. So, there is no access for all countries. But you can still check your country for accessing it in your place.

Stream2Watch is the biggest site that streams all kinds of sports. On its homepage, it provides the live sports list. In the list, you can see the 

  • Name of the sports
  • Details of the team
  • Time of the match

Here the disadvantage is the free pop-up ads which disturb the users. But you will get multiple links for watching any live events or sports. You can choose the right links which are working well to watch sports.

The Bottom Line:

The above article helps you to watch live sports or games using websites on the internet. Go through the article to know the different websites for watching sports events.