How to Find Disappeared Safari Icon on iPhone or iPad?

Safari Icon

Safari is the default web browser available in the iPhone. But sometimes you will find a safari icon invisible. So you may wonder why is my safari icon missing? But do not worry there may be many reasons why you cannot find it. You can make the Safari icon come back and use it to browse again. As Apple does not allow its users to eliminate the stock apps from the device the Safari is just missing and it is easy to get it back. Find all the steps to get back the Safari icon. You will know how to get safari back on iPhone if deleted and how to reinstall safari on iPhone and iPad here. Continue reading to know more about this.

Why does the Safari icon disappear?

The Safari icon is one of the stock apps available on Apple devices. Hence it is hard to totally remove it from the device. You may have wrongly hidden it or moved it to another location in the iPhone. So if you are wondering why my safari icon is missing you have to search it first in the other places on the phone. You may find it in some folders. Moreover, the app could also have become disabled. You may have accidentally clicked the disable option in the restrictions functions available in the settings. So how to get safari back on the iPhone? Find the solutions for your problems below.

How to get back the Safari icon on the iPhone and iPad?


Safari Icon

We have gathered all the steps you can use to get back the Safari icon. If you follow these points you do not need to worry about asking why can’t I get safari on my iPhone. So if it disappears you will know how to get it back.

1. Try to disable restrictions

Safari Icon

  • Firstly, launch the settings in the device and then select the screen time.
  • Now tap the options Content & Privacy Restrictions and give the passcode.
  •   If the option is ON, then click Allowed Apps. Then check if it is set to ON. This will remove all the restrictions in Safari and you can see the icon again.

2. Reset the home screen

Safari Icon

  • Open the settings on your device. Click general and then reset.
  • In the list select “Reset Home Screen Layout”.
  • Now all the apps will return to the default locations on the device.
  • If you have a question about how to enable safari on iPad, then you can reset this device also to get back the Safari.

3. Restart the iPhone or iPad

Restart the iPhone or iPad

  • If the safari icon is missing you can try restarting the iPhone or iPad.
  • Long press the volume button. After that hold the power button and press it till you get the Apple logo on the screen.

4. Try searching for the Safari

  • Go to the middle of your phone home screen.
  • The search bar will appear so search for Safari by typing it. You will get the Safari app if it is available on your phone.
  • If you would like to see more results, click “Show More”.

5. Restore the device

  • Try connecting the device with a USB cable to your mac computer.
  • Then install iTunes if it is not on the device.
  • Now in the Devices options choose the iOS device.
  • After that press Summary.
  • Lastly, press the Restore button.
  • You will be able to see the Safari browser after this process.


These steps will help you to get back your Safari Browser. Hope these steps will benefit you. So if the Safari Browser is invisible in your iPhone or iPad follow the points.