Your Ultimate Guide For Cutting Your Boy’s Hair

Your Ultimate Guide For Cutting Your Boy Hair

There is no second opinion on the matter that haircuts are expensive. Though you can get tons of oh-so-amazing hairstyles at the barbershop, they need quite the dollar bills. Also, the recent lockdown, at one point, has made us feel that we should have known how to cut hair.

Especially the kids! Their hair grows at the wildest speed possible. You may encounter several situations that may need you to be an expert at haircutting. Here’s a comprehensive guide that can help you cut your boy’s hair at home.

Make sure that you have all the materials required for a decent haircut, such as clippers/scissors, water spray, comb, and a sheet to cover the floor. Except this, explore the best school boys haircuts in 2021.

How To Cut Your Boy’s Hair?

Doing a proper haircut is all about working up the right angles. As per your convenience, you may begin from the top of the head or the neck. If you start at the top, you can blend down the entire length of hair seamlessly.

However, we suggest you start at the neckline. On the back of the head, begin from the area of the top of the ear. Wet down the hair using a water spray, and cut at a 45-degree angle, inclined towards the neck. Hold the hair at 45 degrees in between your fingers and cut. Make sure that all the hair is equal in length in a single line.

Once you are done with the back of the head, form the base of the neckline. Firmly holding the hair in your fingers and using your scissors carefully, go straight across the hair to get a straight baseline. After forming the neckline, get on the eye level with it and check if it is straight or not. If it is leaning towards one side, make sure to equalize it.

When you complete cutting the back hair, get on to the sides at the same 45 degrees angle. Take the hair in between your fingers and cut at the said angle. Hold some already-cut hair along with the ones you are going to cut down. It can serve as the length guide you can follow, keeping the hair in the same line.

For cutting around the ear, tuck it down by folding and make a cut same as the outline of the ear. Do it as if you are tracing the pattern of your boy’s ear.

After cutting on the back and the sides, move up to the top of the head. On the top, pull the hair at a 90-degree angle, and cut it straight off of the head. Technically, the cut will be a 180-degree, but you would hold the hair at 90-degrees. Now, take the hair from the centre in between your fingers, make a 90-degree lift, and cut it.

Check the forehead and the hairline once you are done. If the forehead looks too choppy, you can point cut it by using the points of your scissors. If your little man has cowlicks, you can leave some long hair to compensate for it.

And you are almost done with the haircut! Check around the head if the hair is at even length. Make sure that angling is properly blended, and the length is even. Now you can style your kid’s hair the way you want.

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