An Ultimate Guide For Anniversary Flower Bouquets

Anniversary Flower Bouquets
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Flowers can be a very special gift for every occasion. But, especially on days like marriage anniversaries, there can never be a better gift than gifting your beloved with a bouquet of colorful flowers. You can express your love and heartfelt emotions with this warm gesture of yours. 

Needless to say that your spouse is sure to be impressed when you surprise her with a beautiful bouquet. So let us help you in making your anniversary a special one by suggesting to you some of the awesome flower bouquets. Here’s your ultimate guide to each wedding anniversary. 

What Are the Best Flowers Based on the Anniversary Years?

Many of us buy flower bouquets for our spouses without knowing which is the perfect flower according to the year you celebrate. Therefore, in this article, we will suggest to you some of the special flowers that you can keep in mind while buying a flower bouquet. 

First Wedding Anniversary: Carnation Bouquets

Are you newly married? Then the first wedding anniversary is even more special to you because you are probably still in the honeymoon phase of your wedding. So this occasion requires a beautiful bouquet of carnations for your beloved. 

Do you know why people love carnations? It is because of their amazing colors like red, pink, purple, etc. Moreover, carnations are the official flowers for the first wedding anniversary as it symbolizes love, youthfulness, and administration.

Second Anniversary: Lilies

We love lilies on any occasion, isn’t it? These small, bell-shaped white blooms with large stems are our all-time favorite. Moreover, its bright green leaves make it even more attractive. So if you wish, you can grow lilies in your garden or a pot as well. 

Well, lilies best grow in a cold climate in the early summer months. Furthermore, these flowers’ symbolizes sweetness, pure love, and good fortune. Therefore this can be the best floral gift to surprise your spouse on your 2nd wedding anniversary

Third Anniversary: Sunflower Bouquet

We popularly know sunflowers for their large bright yellow flowers that people mostly use for decorations during Thanksgiving. Well, you can also find them in orange and red blooms. Sunflowers mostly grow during the summer season. 

But do you know why they can be the perfect flowers for your 3rd anniversary? Well, the sturdy stems of these flowers represent the strong bonding in a marriage. Moreover, it also signifies the different challenges that young couples face in their marriage life but still sail through them.

Fourth Anniversary: Hydrangeas

Are you stepping into the 5th year of your marital life? Then a bouquet of Hydrangeas is the perfect gift for your fifth anniversary. These flowers generally grow as climbers or shrubs. We find them in different colors like blue, green, purple, pink, or white. 

At the same time, you can find these flowers nearly throughout the year. Moreover, these flowers represent sincere emotions, gratitude, and deep understanding.

Summing it Up

According to each year of the anniversary, the above flowers will now help you choose the perfect flower bouquets for your spouse. As you know flowers are always very special as a gift. But when you select the particular flower bouquet associated with your anniversary year, the celebration becomes even more memorable.

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