UK Upholsters: The Best Upholstery Shops Around the United Kingdom

Upholstery Shops

Have you been planning to start your clothing business and now you have already taken the first step which is to buy a sewing machine? If so, it is time to get your hands on some of the best upholstery fabrics in town. For the majority of sewists, the most enjoyable yet challenging task when making clothes is fabric shopping.

You will have to scan from a bundle of silk, linen, velvet, and lawn materials. After that, you will have to choose the color, prints, and weaves to realize the perfect outfit in mind. It is crucial that you can select the right fabrics, fear not because below are the best upholstery shops located in the United Kingdom.

Rest assured that they offer high-quality upholstery fabrics that you will not regret buying from them.

1. Starbuck Upholstery LTD

The Starbuck Upholstery LTD is a family-owned business that aims to restore their customer’s old furniture to its former quality and appearance. It commits itself to provide upholstery fabrics that you can customize for your sofas, stools, chairs, and headboards. The owner named Robert is determined to provide the first-class service at a relatively lower price tag compared to his competitors. This shop offers a wide range of upholstery fabrics with traditional and modern designs. Once you visit its shop, you can witness its extensive fabric libraries such as the Kirby Design, Linwood, and Romo. It is located at 327 Brockley Road, London. It has been in the industry for more than four decades.

2. Yorkshire Fabric Shop

This Yorkshire Fabric Shop Batley in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom specializes in producing upholstery fabrics as well as furnishing, roman blinds, and curtain fabrics. It has a comprehensive range of fabrics that you can rarely find in the United Kingdom. It hires expert weavers and artisans to create the designs that they envision. If you are hesitant to buy from this shop because you are in another part of the globe, you may opt to order sample fabrics. In this way, you can personally check if the quality and color of the fabrics match your expectations and standards. You may also use its fabric finder so you can easily see the designs and colors that you like. If you want to take home something special and luxurious with high craftsmanship, then make sure to visit the website or if you can, you may personally come to its store in the United Kingdom.

3. Fineline Upholstery

The Fineline Upholstery is located in the New King’s Road, Fulham, London which was established in 1960. Just like Starbuck Upholstery LTD, it is a family-owned business that focuses on creating and designing a wide range of upholstery fabrics. It has been operating for more than 60 years already through the help of its highly skilled upholsterers and furniture restorers. It aims to give you the fabrics and furniture items that are within your specifications. Throughout the years, it can incorporate traditional methods with modern materials to create unique products. You can visit the store if you want to avail of its free consultation and quotation.

4. Kings Upholstery

You can find the Kings Upholstery in Pond Road, Islington, London. Since 1989, it has been practicing traditional upholstering techniques to create its end products. It offers a lot of fabric materials with varying shapes, colors, and sizes. It only hires skilled upholsterers to ensure high quality and durability, and impressive craftsmanship. The owners train them religiously to let them have the right skills to offer a great level of customer satisfaction. If you want to have upholstery fabrics with superior quality, then it is one of the best shops to source items from.

In Conclusion

In the United Kingdom, you can find a lot of great shops that do not just produce high-quality upholstery fabrics but also provide one of the best customer experiences.  You can visit them if you are near the area or you may find their online stores if they have one. The upholstery shops listed above have great local reviews and great history that you can take pride in. Aside from that, they have high business standards allowing them to be successful in the industry.

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