Suitable Flow Sensor Technology For Your Application

Flow Sensor

A flow sensor device is an electronic device that can measure or regulate the flow rate of liquid, fluid, or gases within pipes and tubes. Moreover, these devices with their sensors can detect possible leakages, blockages, changes in liquid concentration due to pollution or contamination, and pipe bursts in some cases. 

Therefore, these are pretty handy devices to have in your industrial business. For example, many people own these devices in the Chemical industry, gas industries, etc. However, there are indeed lots of flow sensors available in the market. Therefore, it becomes a bit tricky to choose the one that’s best for you. 

So, in this article, we shall discuss some of the suitable flow sensor technologies that are apt for your application.

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Here Are Some Of The Flow Sensors That You Can Use For Application

Flow sensors are a really handy device to have that has lots of benefits. So, if you are unsure which one to choose from a plethora of options, then rest easy because we have selected some of the best options for you. 

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

First up, we have electromagnetic flowmeters or sensors that can indicate the continuous flow of liquids via electromagnetic technology. It’s also worth mentioning that this device is based on Faraday’s law. Therefore, this sensor will only work on the conductive fluids. Moreover, these devices have no moving parts to jam or wear. 

In addition, this machine offers you low-pressure drop, and it also requires less maintenance than other flow meters counterparts. One of the perks of using this device is, it has a wide sensing range. It also offers you a highly accurate reading. 


Next, we have Turbine flowmeters which utilize a simple working principle. This flow meter has a blade that rotates in correlation with the speed of the fluid passing through the device. So, why do you want to choose this one? 

Well, it’s pretty economical and easy to install. Moreover, it’s also durable but looks relatively simple. Most importantly, this device provides you with reliable performance in measuring gas and liquid flow. So, these machines are most effective in applications with high-speed flows. 


Next, we have the ultrasonic flow meters, which use the ultrasonic waves within the pipe to measure the flow rate. One of the perks of this machine is, you don’t need any moving parts. 

Therefore, there’s no fear of pressure drop across the flow meter. In addition, you don’t need much maintenance to do as well. Therefore, you can use it in applications with sediment or other floating solids in fluids. 

Variable Area Flow Meters

So, these are some of the most commonly used flowmeters that we see in the industry. It’s worth mentioning that these devices have a simple construction that doesn’t require any power; therefore, they are cost-effective. 

On top of that, these machines are quite reliable as well. You can easily measure any liquid and gases through this device. Therefore, you can use this in lots of applications, including labs, medical equipment, etc. 

Final Thoughts:

So these were some of the best flow meter sensors for your application. If you want the best out of your device, it’s necessary to know its usage.

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