Solutions to Keep Possums Away from Your Home – Possum Removal

possum removal

Most people don’t find their first encounter with a possum pleasant.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe they have dead possums when dealing with an possum problem. This is due to the possum’s “playing possum” behavior. The possum will pull back its lips and expose its teeth, releasing a foul-smelling odor. An possum may need to regain consciousness in order to flee an area. This can take from minutes to hours. Carolina Pest Management can safely inspect your property for any “dead” or potentially dangerous possums.

Possums can be a nuisance to their hosts and cause anxiety.

These little creatures are resilient and can be a nuisance. They love to live in crawl spaces, such as attics, under houses, garages, and other crawl spaces. In suburban areas, possums are more prevalent.

This guide will help you to take control of your possum problem permanently.

First, let’s take a moment to consider an important fact. The Australian law protects possums as native animals. No matter how annoying they may be to you, there are steps that can be taken to rid your property of them.

How can you detect an possum problem?

  • You may see possums in your crawl space beneath your home or business. They can climb up walls and into your attic where they often cause significant damage.
  • Feces and urine stains can indicate a problem with an possum, or any other wild animal.
  • A sign that an possum problem exists is a rustling or hearing noises in your attic.
  • You can find holes in your air conditioner ductwork or chewed wiring insulation to identify a problem with an possum, or any other wild animal.

Why you should hire professionals for possum removal

It is crucial that you get professional help to remove any possums from your home. Professional wildlife removal companies will be able confirm that you have possums living in your home. They will also be able identify where the possums are hiding. possums and their waste can be very dangerous so it is essential to have the right equipment.
Natural Pest Control Melbourne has been a leading possum removal Melbourne company in Australia for many years. There are many reasons why Natural is preferred over our competitors.
The professionals are equipped with goggles and a breathing mask. The proper size cage trap is also available to catch any possums. Because possums are nocturnal animals, it takes time to catch them.
Urban Wildlife and Bee Removal professionals can save you time, money, and stress. Expert trappers will know where the trap should be placed, which will reduce the amount of time that the possum takes to damage your home.