Basic Things That You Need To Know About Self Serve Car Wash?

Self Serve Car Wash

What You Should Know About Self-Serve Car Wash System? One who owns a car needs to maintain carefully by regular washing. Car washing is essential whether you are using it or not. It will help you to prevent road salt damage or corrosion problems in your car. But you will hesitate to take your car to the garage for washing, as people rush will be there. There is no need to worry about car washing, as you will get many Self Serve Car Wash near your place.

What Is A Self Service Car Wash?

A Self Serve Car Wash is different from an automatic car wash system. In a self-serve car wash system, you can manage the rinsing and soaping process as much as your car needs. This car wash system allows you to spend on a specific area of the car for cleaning thoroughly. 

For instance, you can’t wash thoroughly the mud that stays in the car’s undercarriage. It is a big problem in an automatic car wash system. Finally, it leads to corrosion of your car parts.

In a self-service car wash, you will have a series of separate garage-like stalls. In each stall, you will get a spray hose mechanism. To operate this car wash system, you need to use a coin or bill.

Benefits of A Self-Serve Car Wash:

Coming to the self-service car wash system, you will get good benefits out of it. You can’t get such benefits in cleaning your car using an automatic car wash system.

How Does A Self-Serve Car Wash Work? What Are Its Benefits?

Here are some benefits of a self-serve car wash system:

Specialized Tools:

Just consider that you park your car outside of the home and wash the car using soap water or some good wash. But what about the water pressure that you get in a normal hose pipe. According to experts, one has to use water pressure of between 1,600 and 1,900 PSI. Unless you use this pressure in your water for car washing, you can’t wash it cleanly. In a self serve car wash system, you will get such water pressure to remove all dirt in your car.

Charges Based On Time:

In regular wash stations, you will get a charge for the number of services that they perform for your car. Also, the charges depend on the wash and rinse off the car. Sometimes, the charges may vary from one shop to another shop. And, you may get an extra charge for interior cleaning.

But all these factors are not applicable in a self serve car wash. Because they will charge you based on the time you spent on car washing. So, you may get a cheaper charge too, in case if you spent less time cleaning.

Provides Safety To Vehicle:

This is an important factor that you gain in a self-serve car wash. In other car wash systems, you may allow others to clean and wash the interior of your car. In such a situation, the theft of your things or car parts may happen. But, if you consider a self-serve car wash system, you are the only person touching your car. Thus, it lets your car maintain a distance from other people touching it.

Tailor-Fit Your Washing To Your Car:

A self-serve car wash allows you to wash your car in the needed way. For instance, your car has a damaged windshield which you should avoid cleaning with a high-pressure water jet. But in an automatic car wash system, will wash your car evenly without any difference. Thus, you get the control of washing your car in a self-serve car wash system.

Even though you have many benefits with the self-serve car wash, you have some downsides too. Some of them include:

  • Bringing your tools like a sprayer, soap, wax, etc.
  • Washing for several hours may cost you much
  • No other services that you can expect from a self-serve car wash

Working Of A Self Service Car Wash System:

Let us discuss a step-by-step procedure in a self-serve car wash system.

Parking Your Car:

The first thing is that you need to park your car in the correct position. As you will see multiple garage-like stalls in a service center, you need to park correctly. Ensure that you are giving enough space around the car for cleaning. The distance between the car and the walls should be 3 to 5 feet.

Remove Mats:

The next step is to remove all the mats from the car. Now, get the sprayer control in the stall and have a look at the mechanism’s settings like soap, rinse, wax, and wash.

Activate Wash Option:

Check for the coin or bill slot option to activate the wash option. Now, go to the wash setting and select the needed one. Wash your car and mat and switch to a soap setting on the sprayer mechanism. After soaping the car, go for the brushing process. Finally, you need to rinse using the rinse setting. Now, you can use a microfiber towel to dry your car.

The Bottom Line:

This is all about the self-serve car wash. If you want to know about this car wash system, you can go through this article.