Pink Diamonds: One Of The Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

Pink Diamonds
Jewelry pink diamond ring on beautiful rose petal background close up

Pink diamonds, as the name suggests are diamonds that are pink in colour. The pink colour is commonly attributed to the extensive pressure that the diamonds undergo during the process of formation. A pink diamond has been exposed to voluminous heat, pressure and time to transform the diamond crystals into tiny pieces. The more intense the colour of the diamond, the higher the price of the diamond. Multicolour diamonds such as purple-pink and orange-pink are also available. Prices of multi colored diamonds rise with better structure, composition and visuals of the jewel piece. 

One can pick the most appealing diamond to be embedded in the jewel piece. Pink diamonds are vivid, fancy and have been worn by many monarchs and rulers in history. Many royal families have been preserving the pink diamonds for ages. Pink diamonds have a more complicated structure than regular diamonds and require a lot of effort to polish. Pink diamonds are extensively used to make rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. One must buy pink diamond jewellery who is bored of the regular sets and wants to try out eccentric jewels. Certain pendants and earrings are made by mixing pink diamonds with regular designer diamonds or other gemstones.

Pink diamonds when cut artistically to form a round brilliant are perfect pieces to be embedded in the engagement ring.

  • Pink diamond ring– Rings embedded with a pink diamond outlined by small diamond pieces is the perfect combination of elegance, essence, uniqueness and individuality.
  • Rings made with double diamonds– The unique structure of the designer diamond ring pleases most of the customers. This ring has a trendy look that never gets out of fashion.
  • Oval shaped pink diamond ring– The fancy pink designer diamond ring with a unique mixed oval cut makes it uniquely flawless and clear. One may never get bored with the colour combination and composition of the ring.
  • Handmade diamond ring– The zig-zag structure is the most unique feature of this ring. The designer diamond ring is filled with pink and regular diamonds to give a beautiful lustre and colour contrast.
  • White and pink diamond necklace– The necklace is extremely light and is a great example of designer diamond jewellery that is sophisticated and high-toned. One must buy a pink diamond necklace who wishes to experiment with the accessories worn. These necklaces are lightweight and can be worn on very close functions. The sparkle of different diamonds in this necklace adds a next level charm to the overall personality.
  • Pink diamond necklace with matching earrings– This is the perfect pair of jewellery for those who want to wear only diamonds to give a shimmery and sparkling look. This is perfect to wear to an engagement function or a cocktail party. These designer diamond pieces are online available wherein the jewellers take full guarantee of the originality of the diamonds and provide authenticated proof for validation. One can expect bumper offers, minimal cheating and corruption while buying and selling the jewellery.
  • Many modern brides prefer wearing diamonds rather than gold on various wedding festivities. This jewel set is perfect to pair up on the grand wedding day. The necklace and earrings are voluminous and majestic and can be paired up with the wedding dress. Brides who are still confused with the jewellery should buy pink diamonds because diamonds will never go wrong.
  • A floral diamond set that covers the whole neck with matching floral earrings is quite comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Shown below is another example of a diamond necklace with heavy earrings with large pink diamonds embedded into it. These can be worn by those who are fond of wearing big diamonds. One must buy this jewel piece for the wedding reception and pair it up with shimmery silver gowns.
  •  Pink diamond-studded necklace- A simple pendant with a pink diamond studded is perfect for small functions or office parties. One can buy this jewellery and pair it with either traditional or modern attire. This is best for modern-day women who look for exquisite pieces.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which means beauty does not exist on its own but is created by observers. Pink diamonds are famous because customers adore their overall appearance when embedded in any jewel piece. It is expensive because of its process of formation, availability and accessibility. It can thus be customized by customers according to their preferences.

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