Find Out Some Engrossing Facts About Noah Shannon Green

Noah Shannon Green

All of us have surely heard about Megan Fox’s eldest son Noah Shannon Green. Isn’t it? Read through this article to know some engrossing details about the star kid.

Nowadays it is not at all surprising to find celebrity kids getting the limelight because of their parents. However, it is also true that their sweet and charming appearance is what makes them even more famous. And if it’s the charming Noah Shannon Green, then fans are sure to go gaga over this handsome young boy. 

Yes, you guessed it right. In this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts about Noah Shannon Green as well as his famous celebrity mother Megan Fox. So let’s get started!

Noah Shannon Green Bio:Wikis

Real Name ✔ Noah Shannon Green
Birthday ✔ September 27, 2012
Famous for ✔ Celebrity kid of Hollywood actress & Model Megan Fox
Zodiac Sign ✔ Libra
Nationality ✔ American
Age ✔ 8 Year Old
Profession ✔ Celebrity kid
Married/Husband ✔ N/A
Net Worth ✔ $8 Million
Parents Megan FoxBrian Austin Green
Siblings Bodhi Ransom Green, Journey River Green, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

A Short Biography Of Noah Shannon Green

Noah is the eldest son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and has two younger brothers. He was born on September 27th, 2012 in the United States. Therefore Noah is presently just 8 years old. But from such a tender age itself, he has quite a huge fan following. Noah’s nationality is American and his zodiac sign is Libra. 

Educational Background

As you know Noah is just a kid, he is presently attending an elementary school in his hometown. Did you know Noah Shannon Green takes a great interest in sports? Therefore, he is concentrating more on playing soccer, which he loves the most. 

Furthermore, Noah also has great skills in acting. In fact, he often practices and sharpens his acting skills. And since his mother is one of the most popular actresses in the Hollywood film industry, he gets all the help he needs right from his mother.


People mostly know Noah Shannon Green as the eldest son of the famous celebrity Megan Fox. So you can well understand what her kid will be like. Well, Noah has already impressed his fans through his cool and fashionable looks. 

In fact, the youngster is quite talented as well. Noah loves to design and draw his own outfits all by himself. Therefore, you can see how talented the kid is! However, his mother prefers to keep him away from the flashes of the camera so that he and his siblings can have a simple childhood. Right now he is just a kid of 8 years so he is just probably finishing his education along with pursuing his hobbies.

Noah’s First Public Appearance

Well, this star kid made his first public appearance with his father, Brian in New York on 29th March 2013, for the first time. In fact, He was just 6 months old at that time. Noah’s father was seen strolling with him at a nearby park.

Although his parents prefer to keep both Noah as well as his younger brothers away from the media and public. Therefore, we do not see them much in the outside world as of now.

Noah Shannon Green’s Weird Dressing Style

Although the kid is still young, he has made the headlines several times because of his weird dressing sense. His mother, the actress Megan Fox has also explained his son’s dressing sense in some interviews. According to her, his son is a fashionista and he loves to dress up in his own way. He quite confidently carries out the outfit as well.

His Celebrity Parents

Who doesn’t remember the beautiful and talented actress Megan Fox from the Transformer movies? Well, it is this famous celebrity who is Noah’s mother. This prominent film star has gained immense popularity among her fans because of her massive hit projects. 

At the same time, Noah’s father Brian is also a popular face in the Hollywood film industry. However, his role as David Silver in the popular web series Beverly Hills 90210 is what made him immensely famous.

Although, there was news that there were some differences arising between Noah’s parents. And this has resulted in their separation. The couple had married each other in 2010 in a low-key ceremony after dating each other for quite a while. But they officially filed for a divorce in May 2020. Presently the actress is dating her musician boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. However, Noah and his siblings spend their time with both their parents as of now.

Some Interesting Facts About Noah Shannon Green

In this article, you got to know a lot about this young star kid. Here are some of the interesting facts that you may want to know:

  • Noah Shannon Green is presently not active on any social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Noah also has a stepbrother from his father’s previous relationship.
  • In fact, the meaning of his name is also quite interesting. The name “Noah” is of Hebrew origin meaning “Rest” and “Comfort” whereas “Shannon” is of an old Irish origin which means, “Old River”.
  • His dressing is quite weird because of which he was also publicly ridiculed by his fans.

Final Thoughts

Even though the kid is quite young, he has already made a place in the hearts of his fans by his charming looks. In fact, his dressing sense though weird shows his unique and creative side. He will definitely be able to sharpen his skills in no time.

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