Natalie Michelle Cummings Bio, Net Worth, Parents and Siblings

Natalie Michelle Cummings

Natalie Michelle Cummings is a Yoga teacher, entrepreneur and American media personality. She is widely known as the daughter of popular American actress, singer and author, Maureen McCormick. Natalie Michelle Cummings was born on 19th of May. 1989. Natalie’s father is also a famous personality of America, he is also an Actor, his name is Michael Cummings.

His father gained too much popularity after he married the famous actress Maureen. Whereas Natalie is also known for her acting and as a social media personality. Therefore, Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings have got only one daughter, Natalie.

Natalie Michelle Cummings is 31 years old as per 2021. She has no siblings. Her mother was shown in the show which ran from 1969 to 1974. The name of the show was Brady Bunch, she also gained a lot of fame after doing this show, this show got so much attention in America. However, her father also appeared in the show names as Miracle on Ice, which was also popular, else there is no other information about her father on the internet.

Quick Wikis – Bio

✅ Personal Info
Name ✅ Natalie Michelle Cummings
Nick Name ✅ Natalie
Profession(s) ✅ Yoga Teacher
Birthday ✅ May 19, 1989
Age ✅ 32 Years (As of 2021)
Gender ✅ Female
Birthplace ✅ Los Angeles, California, Unite States
Nationality ✅ American
Famous as ✅ Daughter of Maureen McCormick
Zodiac Sign ✅ Taurus
High School ✅ Private High School
Graduation ✅ At A Private University
Net Worth ✅ $1.5 Million
✅ Family (Parents & Siblings)
Father Name ✅ Michael Cummings
Mother Name ✅ Maureen McCormick
Siblings ✅ None
Grandfather ✅ Richard McCormick (Maureen McCormick’s father)
Grandmother ✅ Irene McCormick (Maureen McCormick’s mother)
✅ Relationships & Kids
Marital Status ✅ Single

How was The Early Life of Natalie Michelle Cummings?

Natailie’s parents are two famous personalities of America, born on 19th of May 1989. The name of her birth place is in Encino neighborhood valley, Los Angeles California. Natalie is American with an ethnicity of white background. She is a yoga teacher and social media star.  As far her religion is concerned, she follows Christianity.

In her hobbies Natalie likes to travel and likes to reach out to the amazing beauty of nature in the world. Moreover, she also likes Miley Cyrus, and Rugby (American Football).

Additionally, apart from being a beautiful and only child of Maureen and Michael, she is also significant and one of a kind. Maureen also had trouble with drugs, but Natalie’s birth made her quit the drugs. Hence, it was clear that the only or the main reason behind Maureen to quit her drug was to raise Natalie nicely.

What we know about Natalie Michelle Cummings Parents and Family

Natalie Michelle Cummings partents

As far as Natalie Cummings’ parents are concerned, they are very well known people in the US, especially her mother. Mauren Natalie’s mother is a very talented singer and also a successful writer. But as we discussed above, Maruen was suffering from fighting with quitting drugs.

While on the other hand her father Michael Cummings is an American actor, made his debut in a movie A wild duck. Therefore, it has a long list to cover the works and achievements of Michael. However, despite being an actor, he is also a translator, he has done translating for many Norwegian scripts. Furthermore, along with movies Michael has also been seen in the documentaries. A drama Series, Miracle on the Ice is one of them.

Other movies that Michael did was Drop out of a father and desperate lives. Therefore, the list does not end here, he has also appeared in various performances in Los Angeles Theaters. He also has been a part of more than 50 commercials. However, he moved his career to the corporate world and came back to acting.

Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings got married in 1985. After three years of marriage, they bought Natalie in the world. The couple met in a local church. This couple has been happily married for 35 years now. Now they are living in the Westlake village in the USA, California.

What Job does Natalie Michelle Cummings do?

Natalie Yoga TeacherImage Credit: @nataliecummingsyoga

Commonly, the celebrity kids follow their parents’ path, so people expected the same for Natalie, to enter the entertainment industry. However, Natalie has her own way to follow, so she chose the business path. So what does Natalie do?

Well, in simple words, Natalie Michelle Cumings is an entrepreneur right now. She is a successful yoga teacher, and runs a yoga website in the USA. Therefore, Natalie especially trains men in the yoga workout. Hence, her well earned income is the proof of her successful business running in the USA.

Whom Natalie Michelle Cummings is dating?

However, Natalie is a very famous social media person, also famous due to her parents’ well-known names. Hence, because she is not a movie actress, she does have that much media coverage. Therefore, there is so much information available about her affairs or dating.

However, there are possibilities that she might be dating, or might be single. She is born to parents who are highly supportive even in her bad times. Therefore, we hope that if she is still single, surely she must be finding someone who can be a partner like her dad to her mom.

What is the Natalie Cummings Net Worth 2021

The famous American personality Natalie, spends a luxurious life with her parents. Right now she is earning her money as a social media personality. However, as of 2021 Natalie net worth is around $1.5 million. However maybe she has some more, but it is not yet revealed from any sources.

But she makes a good earning out of her yoga website and teachings. However, the other reason behind less knowing about her income is that she is not a celeb, so there is nothing much revealed. Hence, Natalie Michelle Cummings is leading a good life, a happy and a comfy one in the USA.

What are unknown facts about Natalie Michelle

  • Her nickname is Natalie Michelle.
  • Natalie is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is 179 cm.
  • Her body weight is 69 kgs, which is 149.9 lbs.
  • Natalie’s body measurements are 39-30-38.
  • Her hobbies include photography, traveling and music.
  • Her primary education was completed in a Private high school.
  • She is a graduate.
  • Natalaie’s favorite sports are soccer and Skiing.
  • Her favorite country/city is Berlin, Germany.
  • She starts her workout at 11:30 AM – 4 PM every day.
  • Her breakfast timing is around 10 AM, Lunch at 1 PM and Dinner at 11 PM.
  • Natalie Cummings does not drink or smoke.

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