Is It True That PTE Concordance Table Has Changes? Know The Truth

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With word of changes in PTE results spreading like wildfire, test-takers are faced with coping with a slew of questions that only serve to scare them further. If you have recently passed the PTE Exam and want to study or reside in another country, you may come across this and get concerned.

Everybody’s mind is racing with a slew of questions, such as:

  • What is the validity of my PTE Exam score, which I recently completed?
  • In light of the updated concordance report, would my PTE score be adjusted in any way?

Our discussion of the PTE Concordance report will be extensive in this blog.

Everything you need to know about the new PTE Concordance table

Pearson, on the other hand, did not mean for this declaration to be confusing. A research was conducted to compare the IELTS and PTE scores since the results from various tests serve a similar function. The study results were used to establish a new level of comparison between the two English skill level exams. It is also essential to consider whether or not the effects of both tests can be correlated and meet the needs of the many institutions all at the same time

The answer is yes; Pearson has chosen to adjust to the comparison table used to relate the PTE score to the IELTS bands. The changes are shown below. However, nothing about the PTE Exam changes – neither the scoring criteria, the requirement by various colleges, nor the visa requirements for the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia – as a result of this adjustment. Furthermore, Pearson has just recently suggested these modifications following a lengthy analysis. The government and educational institutions, on the other hand, have not yet given their approval. There are many study abroad classes in Gujrat that will brief you more about the recent changes.

The PTE Exam will not be altered in any manner. Despite this, you are still evaluated based on your communication and facilitating abilities, and you are given a score ranging from 10-90. To improve your English communications skills for IELTS and PTE join spoken english classes in Gujrat. It does not need to be a concern if you have gotten your PTE results in recent months; your results are valid as previously. To score well in PTE exams study from the best PTE class in Gujrat.

Against the IELTS bands, Pearson has changed the score ranges, not the IELTS bands themselves.Then, what is the consequence of the new concordance table for PTE? As a result, the mid-range scores established by institutions for academic admissions will only be marginally altered. However, your PTE Exam result will remain the same, but the scoring range compared to the IELTS band will differ. To score well in IELTS exams, study from the best IELTS class.

The IELTS band requirement for low-range scores will be decreased, on the other hand. So, before, to receive 6.5 bands in the PTE Exam, you needed to achieve an overall score of 58 points; however, today, you may complete this score with a score of 56 points. Forty-six points for six bands, when before you needed a PTE score of 50 or higher or both. To study for IELTS exams, join IELTS classes. Simply type IELTS classes near me on the web, and the best IELTS classes will be shown to you.

What does Pearson have to say about the subject?

Pearson has explained the situation, stating that “No modifications have been made to the PTE, its score, or the institutions’ requirements for taking it. We have altered the method in which IELTS and the PTE Exam are linked. With our findings, we have begun notifying the government and various organizations, who have expressed an interest in taking it into account.”

Individual specialists have also confirmed that this is the case, according to the report. Also on hold is the question of whether or not the visa application criteria will be altered. Aside from that, they have advised that any modifications should be confirmed with the appropriate department.


The revised concordance table should not be a source of concern if you plan to take the PTE Exam, have just taken it, or have an exam date approaching. Follow PTE Tutorials to keep up to speed with the newest news on the concordance table or the PTE Exam. Prepare with the help of the pros and IELTS classes in Surat.

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