Incredible Cake Designs To Flatter Your Partner On First Anniversary

Anniversary Gift

Unlike other Anniversaries there’s something special about the first wedding anniversaries in everyone’s life. Wedding anniversaries are celebrated to thank god and loved ones for having mercy and showering blessings on the couple’s life to face life challenges together. A newlywed couple’s first anniversary is special because it radiates new energy for another loved filled year in their lives.  A wedding is important and special because it gathers two souls to start a new beginning, a new life journey. The first anniversary holds importance much like weddings because it reminds us of that beautiful bond that two individuals share. A first wedding anniversary is like celebrating the year of togetherness and celebrating the joy of holding hands together and raising a toast to another beautiful year together. First anniversaries not only bring back memories of the wedding day but it also overwhelms the partners. 

Due to the daily hustle-bustle of life, we tend to forget to appreciate the person who has been holding our back and whom we made promises to create a beautiful life full of memories and joy. This anniversary doesn’t wait to compliment your loved ones. Make this anniversary special by celebrating with loved ones. When we talk about any occasion, be it an anniversary or birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is ordering a good cake. Cakes are like a ritual for every single occasion in our lives. Cutting a cake is like recollecting new memories and starting for a new beginning. A cake somehow never goes wrong if you want to surprise someone on their anniversaries.

So, this anniversary gift is a well designed mouth-watering cake to flatter your partner. Here are some amazing cake ideas to gift your partner and make his day special

Tier Fondant Cake

If you are confused about what Cake to order to make your partner flatter on the first anniversary day, then a tiered fondant cake is something you can definitely live up to. Fondant cake is unique and versatile, but at the same time, it’s the type of Cake that can make any occasion look extra more special. Choose your tier accordingly, be it 2-tired, 3tired or 4-tired and gift your partner this amazing delight and can make your first anniversary more special and heart-warming. Order anniversary cake online now.

Flower Themed Cake

The best part about flower-themed cakes are it can make any cake look versatile and unique. Choose flavour according to your partner’s preference and add mini cupcakes on the side to make it look extra special. Flower themed cakes are always perfect for a wedding and a cake that reminds you of your wedding day is the best to celebrate it with. A mouth-melting flower-themed Cake is the best way to flatter your partner on the anniversary day.

Memory lane Cake

Nowadays, cakes come in various designs, and the best kind of cakes is known to have good tastes and designs. On your first wedding anniversary, it’s a good idea to order a cake that will help you reminisce beautiful memories spent together. So order a cake with some flowers to woo your partner on the anniversary night. Don’t wait to place your order and send anniversaries flowers online.

Waffle cake layered in Nutella/Chocolate

When you’re in the last moment deciding for a cake to gift your partner on the first wedding anniversary, then a waffle cake layered in enriched chocolate and Nutella is the best option. Design a cake on your own and surprise your partner this wedding anniversary. Nutella is everyone’s favourite like there’s nothing called more chocolate, so layered your waffle with a good amount of chocolate and made the day the loveliest anniversary ever.

Red Velvet Cake with Exotic Roses

Red velvet cakes are the best choice on the wedding day to add uniqueness to your Cake. A red velvet cake covered with white cream/chocolate is the most romantic way to surprise your partner. Red is called the colour of love, so order a red velvet cake this anniversary and arrange for some roses to make her smile. And Celebrate your first anniversary with the right amount of sweetness and delight. 

Fruit jelly Cake

It’s always the best idea to think differently when you are planning for surprising your partner on the anniversary day. A normal cake is boring if you want to make a day special by gifting your partner something that stands out. So a fruit jelly cake is the best option. Online cake in Bangalore is now available where you can send cakes to loved ones. For the fitness freak who likes to maintain a diet, a jelly cake with the right amount of sweetness and real fruits inside it makes it sound exciting. So prepare for a jelly cake and surprise your partner on the first anniversary.

Music themed Cake

Everyone loves music, and there’s always a special song that is close to our hearts. Nowadays, you see Spotify placards are a good gift item to surprise someone. So instead of gifting a placard, you can add the design with your partner’s favourite song on the Cake. Select some or one favourite song of your partner and design it as Cake. This is the best way to make your partner special. It will make your partner realise how you keep in view your partner’s interests and choices. This heartwarming and meaningful gift will flatter your partner.

Rainbow Cake

The rainbow cake is the best choice if you find it tricky to choose the flavours. Rainbow also depicts colourfulness and delight. So ordering a rainbow cake for your first anniversary is the best way to surprise your partner. The colours in the rainbow make you realise how special your bond is.

So, these are some ways you can choose to flatter your partner on the wedding day.

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