Some Important Things Everyone Should Know About Raksha Bandhan!!!

Raksha Bandhan
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The festival of Raksha Bandhan is to cherish the beautiful memories of brothers and sisters. It’s a special day to celebrate the bond of love with all your heart and demands a lovely gesture from your side where a Rakhi gift plays a very vital role. Nowadays, online Rakhi delivery in Canada is very easy and popular, and if you’re wondering about it, you can go for it. Here in this article, we will tell you all about the Rakhi and its importance you should know about!

What is Raksha Bandhan, And How Is It Celebrated?

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the sister ties a thread, called Rakhi, on her brother’s hand. Sisters apply tilak on their brother’s foreheads, and both feed sweets to each other. While performing this ritual, sisters pray for the well being of their brothers. Brothers show their love by sharing gifts with their sisters and vow that they will stand by their sisters and take care of them in every situation. Both brothers and sisters observe a fast before tying Rakhi.

They eat food only after performing the rituals. On the one hand, the sister prays for her brother’s long life and wisdom; on the other hand, the brother promises to protect his sister. Rakhis is one of the most beautiful celebrations that people have been celebrating for years. There are many beliefs on Raksha Bandhan and have many stories. 

Legend Of Raksha bandhan

Festivals have great importance in Indian culture and life. All festivals are associated with one or the other event. Rakshabandhan also comes in this episode. The story of Rakshabandhan is such that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana and shattered the pride of the sacrificial king on this day. That’s why this festival is also famous by the name ‘Balev’. In the state of Maharashtra, this festival is known as Coconut Purnima or Shravani. On this day, people go to the banks of the river or the sea, change their thread and worship the ocean.

According to another belief, the teachings of sages and sages were completed on this day. They used to tie Raksha Sutras in the hands of the kings. The aim was to perform their devotional activities without any hesitation; the king is the creator and protector anyway. For that reason, till today, Brahmins tie Rakhi to their hosts on this day.

The Auspicious Importance Of Rakhi

Rakshabandhan is the holy festival of the brother-sister relationship. On Rakshabandhan, brothers and sisters showcase their love and affection in various ways. As we all know that India is the only country known for their custom and rituals, Rakhi is known for its positivity and the blessing of God that protects your brothers from all outside evils. For such a beautiful and priceless gift from her, your sister deserves a nice gift from your side, this Raksha Bandhan. Here we are going to share some gift ideas you can opt for and amaze your sister delightedly. 


Your sister would love to have a cute handbag for herself. But keep in mind that while buying a handbag for your sister, do not forget to choose her favourite colour. You can also get a personalized bag with his name printed or embroidered on it; apart from this, you can also give her personalized backpacks. She can keep all her necessary items in it. 

Jewellery & Accessories

Girls are fond of jewellery. That’s why you can get a beautiful jewellery box for her in which she can collect fancy earrings, various coloured necklaces, rings and colourful bangles. Apart from this, you can include accessories like a headband, bracelet, hair clip, rubber band in accessories. She will love this gift, and she will always be thankful to you for this lovely gift. She can wear this jewellery with her ethnic outfits at the festival of Rakhi. 

Art Craft Goodies

Art accessories such as crayons, glitter markers, paints and brushes, pencil sets, etc., make a great gift item, which girls also like. You can also add a 3D colouring book to it. Your sister will surely love this magical gift. If she is an art lover, then this gift will surely win her heart. You both can enjoy the time of painting together and create some beautiful memories ahead.


You can give your sister her favourite chocolate jar. Apart from this, you can also gift a mixed chocolate box which is available in fancy packaging. Chocolates are a special choice of girls, and you can express your feelings by putting a card in the chocolate box. If you are about to send Rakhi to UK, don’t forget to pair it with delicious chocolates. On the sweet celebration of Raksha Bandhan, spread sweetness with yummilicious chocolates and make your relationship with your loving sister sweet too.

Personalized Cushion

Your sister will love this unique gift. You can get her name printed on the cushion; this gift will win his heart instantly. Print something she likes and give her a cute surprise! You can print flowers, cartoon characters and much more. Moreover, you can ask the online website to embroider her picture of yours with your loving sister. 

We believe that you will cherish this article and come to know all about Rakhi and the gifts that you can give to your sister. So, go ahead and enjoy the celebration of siblinghood!