How to Maintain Persian Rugs Without Spending a Fortune!

Persian rug cleaning

Persian rugs add life to your dull space. The vibrant colors and unique patterns of the rugs make them a great home décor element. However, these beautiful rugs aren’t just expensive but also maintaining them is a challenge.

Hiring services for professional Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast is neither possible nor economical for every minor problem. So, how to maintain Persian rugs without spending a fortune? If you want to avoid hiring a Persian rug cleaning expert frequently, there are a few tips you must follow.

Persian rugs can last for generations when it is taken care of. So, if you want your investment to last for a long time, without spending tons on Persian rug cleaning services Gold Coast, then here’s what you need to know!

1. Rotate Your Persian Rugs Regularly

Rotating your precious Persian rugs is the easiest yet most effective way of maintaining and preserving them. You may wonder how? There are two major benefits of rotating your rugs and these are:

2. Control Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure is necessary for your house; however, it can be damaging your valuable Persian rugs. Exposure of sunlight to a specific area leads to color fadedness. Some areas on the rugs appear faded while some area appears dark. Your Persian rugs start appearing inconsistent, which hampers its overall beauty.

Regular Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast is not the solution to this problem. However, with regular rug rotation, you can bring evenness in the colors and appearance of your rugs.

3. Damage from Heavy Furniture

Furniture on top of the rug is a pretty common sight. Did you know your heavy furniture sitting on top of your valuable rug can be damaging them? The wool or fiber of the rugs gets compressed with heavy furniture and even Persian rug cleaning and repair isn’t enough for restoration. So, avoid making such mistakes and rotate your rugs so they can last for a long time.

4. Use Rug Padding

The use of premium quality rug padding is necessary for extending the lifespan of your precious Persian rugs. The rug padding protects the rug from getting in direct contact with the flooring that prevents them from moisture, and dust. Thus, preventing you from opting for Persian wool rug cleaning services. Rug padding is effective in preventing shrinkage and frequent movement from heavy traffic. Therefore, instead of relying on professional Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast follows these protective measures for boosting the lifespan of your rugs.

5. Get Your Rugs Repaired Timely

Rugs are kept on the floor and constantly walked upon; therefore, damages are inevitable. However, in case of general wear and tear, you must avail Persian rug cleaning and repair services as soon as possible. Any kind of delay or ignorance can increase the intensity of the damage. A minor hole may expand and a small cut may tear your rugs apart.

Availing Persian rug cleaning and repair services is quite easy and affordable. The job can be done excellently by Persian rug cleaning expert. So, develop a habit of checking on your rugs regularly.

6. Regularly Avail Persian Rug Cleaning Services

You must avail of Persian wool rug cleaning at regular intervals, as all rugs accumulate dust, pet hair, and germs over time. These fine dust particles get settled in the fibers and damages them in the long run. Apart from dust, there are mould and bacteria that contaminate your precious rugs. Such situations call for Persian rug cleaning services Gold Coast.

The presence of moulds and bacteria releases odor from the rugs while leaving ugly stains and causing allergic reactions. You must perform regular vacuuming at home and avail professional Persian rug cleaning services Gold Coast twice a year. Allow Persian rug cleaning expert to take care of your valuable rugs.

Tips for Persian Rug Storing

There is a proper way of storing Persian rugs. Yes, you read that right! Persian rug cleaning and repair are necessary for its maintenance but storing them is even crucial. Therefore you must follow some tips if you want them to last for generations.

  • Persian rugs must be stored in a dry area for avoiding mould growth.
  • Make sure to avail professional Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast and dry them before storing.
  • Don’t fold your rugs forcefully instead try rolling them.


As you saw, Persian wool rug cleaning and maintenance is not a difficult job. Be cautious with rugs’ storage and maintenance and pay attention to its timely cleaning. Your Persian rugs will last for a long time!

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