How To Do Workout Without a Gym At Home

How To Do Workout Without a Gym At Home

Although we know that free weights and machines are the most effective and efficient way to increase your metabolism and strength, they may not be available to everyone.

It is possible that you don’t have access to a gym at home, or a commercial gym while on business. However, there are ways to get strength training without spending a lot of money.

You can exercise with your own weight, machines, or free weights. If the resistance does not increase, your muscles will not work to their full potential and your fibers won’t get the stimulation they need to grow. indian diet chart for diabetic patient

Correctly performed exercises will increase metabolism and build lean muscle.

You can do these exercises in your bedroom, hotel room or schoolyard. You will always find a way to increase resistance to your workouts.

Remember No matter where you’re working out, whether at home or in a hotel, or in a park, you should always warm-up before you start your session and then cool down afterward.

Leg exercises

Squats –

They increase endurance, build muscle in the legs and shape the buttocks. Your feet should be approximately 13 to 17 inches apart, or shoulder width. Keep your back straight and your head high. You can also use something to support your back, such as a bookcase or sink. a desk, bookcase, sink, etc.

Now, squat to the point where your thighs meet the ground. Hold for a moment and then rise up. When you stand up, exhale.


Now, stand straight with the correct posture. Stand with one foot forward and one back. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, chest up, and your head high. Now lower your upper body, bend your leg, but don’t step too far.

At this stage, you should have approximately one to two feet between your feet. The further forward you step, the more work your gluteus muscles and hamstrings will need to do.

As you lower your knee, do not let it extend beyond your toes. Once you feel comfortable, push back straight up. Perform all of your reps on one side, then switch to the opposite leg and complete all of your reps with the other.

Back Exercises


Chin-ups can be a great way to work your upper body, especially your lats, deltoid, and biceps. Grab a doorway chin up bar, ceiling beams in a garage, or grab the moulding on your door frame. Position your hands under your grip, and then slowly lift your body to the level of the bar.

Take a moment to pause before slowly lowering your body back to the starting point. You don’t need to swing or use momentum to lift your body up to the top. Instead, use the target muscles. When you’re not using them, the doorway chinning bars can be removed from your doorway and put back in seconds. 

Bent-Over Row

Place your right hand on the right side of your right knee and brace it against a firm surface such as a bed or other flat surface. Grab a dumbbell or another heavy object that you can hold on to with your left hand.

Imagine your arms as hooks. Slowly bring the dumbbell/object up to your chest. Keep your back straight. Then lower the dumbbell or object back to your arms. Focus on your back muscles. Now, reverse the process and move to your right arm.

Chest Exercises


Push-ups are used to build the chest, shoulders, and arms. Place your palms slightly inwardly on the ground and place your arms at your sides. Push your arms straight up, then lower to continue.

Elevate your feet to make it easier. Place your toes on a stable surface like a bench, chair, or stairway. Place your arms straighteningly on the floor. Next, place your hands at your shoulders. Lower your body so that your chest touches the ground at the bottom. Then, return to your starting position with a smooth motion.


You can do this exercise between two sturdy chairs, or on any other surface that provides stability. Another great exercise for the upper body is the dip. This compound exercise works all of the muscles involved in the push-ups.

Your head should be up. Keep your body vertical. Start at the top with your arms fully extended. Lower your arms until they are parallel to the chair seats. Hold the position and push upwards until your arms extend fully. Don’t look at the bottom.

Add Weight

To be more powerful, we need to overcome the resistance of your body’s weight.

All we have to do is gain weight wherever we can. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t fancy machines or metal plates to use, the body doesn’t care about where it is so long as it has resistance.

Heavy books can be held in your hands. Cheap weighted dumbbells and ankle weights are available. You can also add resistance to chin-ups or push-ups with a weighted vest. You should look for one that allows you to add or remove weight as needed. A backpack with books is an inexpensive alternative to a bag.

You could make a few buckets and fill them up with water. You can add more water as you become stronger. This is great because you can adjust the water level to suit your exercise.

Let’s wrap it up

It is well-known that free weights and machines are the most effective and efficient way to build lean muscle and strength. However, you will find that the benefits of these exercises can be as great as those you get from a gym without having to pay ongoing fees and the time constraints.

When Is Best Time To Eat Protein For Building Muscles

What is the best time to eat protein for building muscle?

Everyone who is a bodybuilder or a fitness enthusiast knows the importance of eating enough protein to support muscle growth. Your muscles will not grow without the amino acids found in protein. Protein is the building block for muscles. There are no other nutrients that can substitute protein for muscle growth.

If you are looking to build and grow muscle mass, it is recommended to consume one gram per pound of body weight each day. This is a large amount of protein that many people can’t get in their daily diets so protein supplementation is sometimes necessary. All your muscle-building efforts in the gym won’t be successful if you don’t eat enough protein. It’s a complete waste!

When is the best time for protein intake to maximize muscle growth? What type and how much protein should you consume to achieve remarkable muscular growth?

Your body is in a catabolic mode after a good night’s sleep. You should eat protein the first thing in the day. Your glycogen stores are low, so your body is using your muscle as energy. To prevent muscle wasting or catabolism, eat fast-digestible protein like whey protein every morning.

Take casein protein with your meals to keep your body’s supply of protein constant throughout the day. Because casein protein is slow-digestible, it will continue to release protein into your bloodstream for hours between meals. This will ensure that your muscles are constantly getting protein throughout the day.

Before and after a gym workout, protein After your workout, take some whey protein and carbohydrates again to repair the damage done to your muscles cells.

You should eat protein before you go to bed. Since you won’t eat for long hours while you sleep, and your body is not able to produce enough food, casein protein must be consumed before you go to sleep. Because casein protein takes seven hours to digest, it will continue to feed your muscles until you fall asleep. This encourages your muscles to grow and build.

Now that you are aware of the best times to eat protein, and how to build muscles, these tips will help you grow your muscles like never before.

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