Get Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website With These 3 Easy Steps

Hundreds Of Backlinks

Link popularity, as you all know, plays a huge part in search engine rankings.

The basic idea is that the more links you have pointing to your site, the higher search engines will rank it.

Importantly, though, is getting high-reputation websites to link back to yours.

Now the question is… “How do I get High PR links without needing to spend hours searching the internet for link partners and possibly being denied?”

Webmasters can’t afford to waste their time, especially when you are just starting out.

To get the most from our efforts, we must make use of every moment.

With that said, I will reveal the ‘Back Door strategy’ I use to get those high PR links to your site absolutely free and make them beg you to return.

This is the best part. You can get backlinks to hundreds of websites, but you will also receive targeted visitors from hundreds to thousands of websites.

All for free!

Are you ready?

It’s good because it is me.

Step 1. Step 1. First, you need to write an article.

Write a related article about your Product or Service. This will draw the reader in, and get them to click through your website after they’re done reading it.

You might be wondering now why you need to write an article.

It’s really easy because you can put the ending of your article anywhere.

Your “Resource Box” with information about your website and, most importantly, your URL pointing back at your website.

If someone decides to publish your article on their newsletter, website, blog, or article directory, they must include your ‘Resource Box’ along with your URL and website information.

You may be thinking, “I don’t know how to write an essay”… but you are not the only one.

These are some resources that I have put together to help you understand how to structure articles. You can also hire someone to do it for you.

This is the first article I wrote, entitled… Guide to Link Building For SEO

The second resource is – – which is basically a place where you can go and submit a project by category and freelance writers, etc. Then, you will be invited to bid on your project. The winner is chosen and the budget is set by you.

This will help you get started.

Your article is the heart of this ‘BackLinking strategy’, so put in some effort to make it stand out.

Step 2. Step 2. Submit your article for Article Directories.

This is the next step, and it is an important one. Website owners and/or ezine editors will be looking for your article or articles to publish on their websites. They are constantly in search of quality information to satisfy their readers’ thirst for information.

There are hundreds of Article Directory sites and thousands of ezine publishers searching for quality content every day. If they select your article for publication they will need to include your Resource Box’ along with your website information and URL.

It all comes down to numbers. You will get more Backlinks to your website the more Article Directory websites and articles you submit.

Since Article Directories recently added RSS (Real Simple Syndication), technology to their mix, your articles will get more mileage without you having to lift a finger. This will allow you to create even more Backlinks back to your website.

RSS: More in a Minute

Are you beginning to see the power of writing your own articles?

I do hope so.

Step 3. Step 3. Create an RSS Feed for your articles.

This is the most powerful step.

You will need to set up your RSS Feed for articles.

Here’s a basic definition of RSS.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. The the.XML extension, which is used to distribute your news headlines via Internet, is also known as Syndication.

Syndication is the true power of RSS. It allows you to get your message across the internet in a matter of seconds to subscribers, websites, and/or readers who have subscribed to your RSS Feed.

This is the easiest way to go. You can set up your blog through… –

Or through… –

WordPress is more complex than other blogging platforms. I recommend that you set up a Blogger blog if you have no experience with installing scripts or blogs. It will take you 5 minutes to create.

I am only giving you an option. That’s it.

After you have set up your Blog, all you need to do now is to add your articles.

TIP: Use Anchor Text to link your URL with your most relevant keywords. This will allow Search Engine spiders to rank your website higher for the keyword term you have specified in your Anchor Text.

Once you’ve added the articles, all that is left to do is submit the RSS Feed to RSS Search Engines and RSS Directories.

These are some resources to help you get started.

Ping-O-Matic –

That’s all.

Webmasters know the importance of backlinks. Any experienced webmaster will work hard to obtain as many backlinks as possible to his/her site.

Backlinks are important but not all backlinks carry weight. This means that no backlink will increase traffic. Relevant links are the most important aspect of backlinks. This simply means that all sites linking to your site must be related to the same topic to allow for backlinks to count.

For example, if you have a website that is about “SPORT”, you will not be able to link to a site that is about “FINANCE”. There is no relationship between finance and sports. However, if your website is about sports, and five others are about cricket, tennis, golf, or cricket, they will all be relevant links to you. Your site must however cover at least all of these topics.

Avoid link farms at all costs. These sites spam search engines and are of no value to their visitors.

If you are looking for backlinks that will be relevant to your website, you can search for websites within your niche and ask the webmaster to reciprocate. If you are looking for one-way backlinks and your website is about AdSense, then write an excellent article about AdSense that can be placed on high Page Rank article directories. These links are also pertinent.

Follow the basics of search engines to get traffic.

Another thing. This article can be used on your site as long as it is not altered and that the links in the resource box are search-engine friendly.

Avoid link farms at all costs. These sites spam search engines and are of no value to their visitors.

You’re probably aware that I have given you a lot of information in this article. But, if you take it step-by-step, it will be a great asset for you for many years with backlinks to your site and free targeted traffic through the Search Engines.