Exploring Different Types Of Flow Sensors Technology

Flow Sensors

Flow sensing technologies are one of the most pivotal parts of any industrial organization. Be it a laboratory or a factory; people do need the service of these devices to measure fluids and gases. In other words, these flow sensing devices are the best to determine the flow rate of gases or fluids accurately. 

We know that proper measurement of fluid requires different types of tools. Moreover, to get the most accurate reading, you need to rely on the very best technology. Therefore, the flow sensor is one of the most critical instruments that we use to get the reading. 

With the way the flow industry is rapidly evolving, there are different types of flow sensing technologies available today. The designs of these flow sensors are based on their effective applications. Therefore, some flow sensors are better than others when it comes to a specific work. So, in this article, we shall explore the different types of flow sensors available on the market. 

Here Are Some Of The Best Types Of Flow Sensors

There are many types of flow sensors that are good to use. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best flow sensor types. 

Mechanical Flow Sensors

If you are looking for one of the most affordable flow sensor options in the market, then the mechanical water flow sensors are quite good, in our opinion. Since these are quite common in the market, you don’t have to search a lot. Moreover, these flow sensing systems are also quite easy to install as well. 

These flow sensors use a rotating turbine, which can be a shunt, paddle, or propeller. So, you can get an accurate reading of the flow rate through this device. However, since these devices use the blades to move rapidly while measuring the flow, there’s a risk of the clog as well. If you are using slurry or dirty fluids with particles, then there’s a chance that you won’t get an accurate reading. In the worst case, the device will face severe damage. 

Vortex Flow Sensors

Next, we have the vortex flow sensors that measure the flow rate using vortices. This device produces a swirling vortex when the fluid pushes past an obstruction. Moreover, a flow meter comes with the tav of sensor that flexes when the vortices go through it. 

Once it happens, you will find a frequency output that ultimately measures the flow rate of the fluid that goes through the pipe. Therefore, these types of machines are ideal if you are using a large pipe. 

Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

Last on this list, we have one of the best flow sensors, the Ultrasonic flow sensor. So, these devices use ultrasound technology to measure the speed of fluid flowing inside the pipe. 

Furthermore, these sensor devices are also non-invasive, meaning they don’t come into contact with any fluid that is being measured. So, if you are thinking of getting an ultrasonic flow sensor, you can consider two options, i.e., clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensors and transit-time flow meters. 

Final thoughts:

If you are thinking of getting an accurate flow rate reading, then flow sensors are one of the best. So, these were some of the best types of flow sensors that you can consider getting.

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