Create An Online Food Ordering App And Gratify Customers In A Swift Time

Food Delivery App

The last 7 years have witnessed the dramatic rise of UberEats. The American platform has taken over the on-demand food delivery industry. With a clever mix of real-time order fulfilment and takeaway, it has spread its wings to more than 6000 cities globally. Entrepreneurs can make rapid strides in the gig economy through UberEats like app development. 

Why is the online food delivery sector promising?

The digital food ordering and delivery industry will skyrocket to a value of $198.8 billion by 2027. It will grow at a high annual rate of 10.6% for the next 6 years. 

Moreover, favourable factors such as the availability of discounts and offers, an increase in disposable income for people, and round-the-clock business operations would help this booming sector reach greater heights. 

Techpreneurs will also have a lot of flexibility in launching an online food ordering app. They can opt for various business models like Platform-to-Consumer (P2C) and Restaurant-to-Consumer (R2C). 

They can target customers, as well as corporate companies across suburban and urban regions with a variety of dishes. Indeed, digipreneurs can make huge progress by coming out with their online ordering app in populated regions. They can dominate Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

What are the major features of an UberEats like app?

Add a Restaurant button

Unquestionably, owners of eateries get access to a huge market when they partner with an online food delivery app. They can include details of their email address, menu, phone number, and postal address. Generally, restaurant owners pay an activation fee and a commission on each order fulfillment after registering on a food delivery platform. 

Integration with payment gateways

Customers can execute transactions on a real-time basis. They can transfer money for their order via credit and debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, and wire transfers. They will know their transaction history. Accordingly, restaurants will receive their payments on time depending on the number of bookings received from users. 

Multilingual technical assistance

Undoubtedly, UberEats is a global phenomenon. It has expanded its presence to every nook and corner of cities and towns. Foodies can clear issues related to delayed deliveries, payment processing glitches, refunds, replacements, and security vulnerabilities. 

Real-time order monitoring facility

Foodies can track their dish orders from the comfort of their home or office. They can check out the movement of the delivery executive, and pick up their order after he/she arrives at their destination. 

An online food ordering app will share instant alerts related to the preparation of the delicacy, and the duration is taken by the order fulfilment personnel to reach the location of the customer. 

Route optimization mechanism

The food delivery personnel can satisfy customers endlessly by using the route optimization option. They will receive information about the fastest and shortest paths to the user’s household. Accordingly, they can select a specific passage based on their current location, the level of fuel left in their vehicle, the number of orders to be fulfilled, and weather conditions. 

Restaurant Selection

“Choices are the hinges of destiny”. Customers can order several dishes. They can check out the menus of alcohol shops, BBQ eateries, bistros, cafeterias, casual dining restaurants, ice-cream stores, and fast food outlets. 

Rating and Review mechanism

Transparency is the hallmark that entrepreneurs must follow during UberEats like app development. Consumers can post opinions about the quality of the food and the professionalism of the logistics personnel. Consequently, prospective users can also go through these comments and make the right decision while ordering a food item. 

Reward-oriented referral program

Foodpreneurs can grab a humongous customer base by offering a referral program. Each user receives a personalized invite code based on their ordering habits and tastes. 

They can share the unique code with their colleagues, family members, and friends. Subsequently, the promotional code will be applied to the current or upcoming order of the referred customer. 

Save on your first order option

Entrepreneurs can attract first-time customers with attractive cashback, discounts, offers, and promo codes. They can choose any lucrative deal at the checkout page. 

How an online food delivery app generates humongous revenue?

Techpreneurs who commence UberEats like food delivery app development can enhance their net worth in no time. They can pocket a commission from restaurants for every order placed by customers, door delivery fees, gross merchandise value (GMV), order cancellation charges, and transaction processing fees. 

Obviously, digipreneurs can increase their revenue by offering meal packages for corporate enterprises. This will result in high-ticket orders placed by business firms for their clients, employees, and investors. 

Wrapping Up

“Sky is the limit” for entrepreneurs who begin UberEats like app development. Moreover, the American food ordering and delivery platform are also attracting air travellers after tying up with EasyJet. 

The British airline company will offer a “Post-holiday Fridge Filler” menu for passengers. Passengers would get fresh food sourced from Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain based in the United Kingdom. Importantly, UberEats is planning to hand over the meals to customers in just 20 minutes.

The Covid-19 pandemic along with a Work From Home (WFH) tendency has uplifted the business prospects of the American app. “Get anything and everything” has been the mantra behind the stupendous success of UberEats. 

In the future, the laws passed by governments related to the gig economy will impact how UberEats expands its presence. Techpreneurs have to decide how they recognize their delivery personnel (as independent contractors or full-time workers). Therefore, this will enable them to conduct their business activities smoothly.  

The dynamics of the food delivery industry will change in the future with trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) for analyzing the data of customers, ordering with smartwatches and virtual assistants, partnerships with cloud kitchens, self-driving vehicles, and the usage of drones and robots.

Hence, entrepreneurs can win the war now by coming out with an online food delivery app. They can collaborate with restaurants across borders and boost their position in the competitive market.