Most Common Reasons for Heating Issue in Smartphones

Heating Issue in Smartphones

There can be tremendous reasons for mobile heating! Excessive mobile phone usage or a faulty battery overheats a mobile phone. 

Too much heat can be the reason for internal damage, software issues, or battery problems. To know the reason behind your mobile phone heating, you must look for an iPhone repair service center. 

Here, we will be discussing the reasons “why your mobile phone overheats” and what precautions you must take while you experience mobile overheating. 

Reasons Behind Mobile Phone Overheating 

  1. Damaged Battery, Charger, or a Cable 

When you visited a gadget store, do you remember what specifications and guidelines were provided to you while buying a mobile phone? 

Although, the most common statement that every store owner tells their customers is to use an original charger or approved third-party accessories. 

  • Damaged chargers are eventually vulnerable! It heats your mobile phone, & you may not get an option of data recovery in your settings. If you charge your phone with any cable, it can damage your phone’s battery and can be the biggest reason for overheating. 
  • Various types of chargers come in different qualities and a low-quality cable can physically damage your phone battery. You might have heard about the phone bursting out after overheating while charging?

So, make sure not to leave your phone at the charging point while you are asleep. It might cause excessive heat and may demand you to visit an iPhone repair service center. 

  1. High Usage of Mobile Phone 

Whether you bought a new phone or received a birthday gift from your loved ones, the craze of the new phones is normal! However, the high usage of phones, along with the high brightness level and uses of other applications can result in mobile overheating. 

The processor in a mobile phone heats up when it is excessively utilized. The parts inside the mobile phones generate heat that immediately stops the functioning of the mobile phone. 

Common issues of cell phone overheating-

  • Playing intensive games for over a long period might urge you to visit an iPhone repair store. 
  • Watching web series, movies, or YouTube for hours (including social media-Instagram, Facebook)
  • High level of screen brightness while using a mobile device. 

Many times, we are confused about whether the applications in the mobile phone are the main cause of overheating or using it for continuous hours! Eventually, you’ll find a phone repair shop near me once you get stuck with a mobile issue. Well, there can be another phase of issues such as sub-optimal settings that might be causing heating problems in the mobile phone. 

  1. A Lack of Ventilation 

The latest models in the mobile phone include a high-end cooling system that prevents overheating. 

But what about old models? It can be the biggest cause and an issue for them. 

However, the highest chance of overheating can be a blockage of the charging port. 

  • Since the touch screen phone stepped into the modern world, phone cases have twisted the trend. Though, we buy a poor quality phone case that ultimately leads to overheating of the mobile phone. 

Phone covers are good for preventing them from overheating, but simultaneously they can also act as a heat insulator. 

So, always make sure to buy a thick case for your mobile phone to eliminate heat from the internal process components such as a heat insulator. 

  • On high-temperature days, the phone can overheat and can damage your phone’s battery and insist you visit the Phone repair center. 

So, it is always good to avoid keeping your mobile phone under the sun and rather keep them under the shade. 

Direct sunlight can destroy your phone’s display and damage your phone’s battery. So, always make sure to avoid keeping your mobile phone under the sun. 

A Quick Overview

Major things you need to keep in mind to reduce the cause of your mobile phone overheating

  • Don’t forget to leave your cell phone on your car’s dashboard or car seat.
  • Take breaks while playing games, watching tv shows, or using social media. 
  • Don’t leave your mobile phone under direct sunlight especially on summer days
  • Avoid charging your mobile phone while you are using or playing games on it.