How to Choose Between Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car?

Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car

Are you looking to buy a new car? Then you are at the right place. Here in the article, we will discuss two types Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car of fuel-efficient cars. These cars are new in technology and best in terms of fuel efficiency.

Read through the article to learn more about Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car.

What are Hybrid Car?

In the first place, Hybrid is a recent technology used in manufacturing cars in India. Further, as per the name hybrid cars are the combination of two types of vehicles. Its technology includes both electric and gasoline-powered cars.

In other words, Hybrid cars are also called ICEs. The letters ICEs stand for internal combustion engine vehicles.

What is an electric car?

In the first place, an electric car works on a battery. The technology used in an electric car is simple. It consists of a battery and an electric motor. An electric car is one of the best fuel-efficient available today. The demand for electric cars is less. It is mainly because of the cost involved in producing it.

The above two paragraphs explain the meaning of Hybrid and electric cars. Now, let’s understand the functioning of these two types of cars.

How does Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car work?

The working of Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car are different. Check out the next part of the article to learn more.

  • Hybrid Car

As stated previously, a Hybrid car consists of a combination of the engine. It consists of a combustion engine. The engine runs on either gasoline or electric motor. Further, the electric motor is attached to a rechargeable battery pack. The car is using both engines at the same time. This increases the speed of the car. Alternatively, the car can run on one engine depending on the type of driving.

Furthermore, Hybrid cars are classified into two types. They are Standard hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid cars. A standard hybrid car uses regenerative braking and an internal combustion engine. These two parts charge the battery of the car. However, they cannot be charged at a charging station like an EV.

On the other hand, a PHEVs car working is similar to electric cars. They consist of large electric batteries. Further, these cars can operate on electric power alone.

  • Electric Car

The working of an electric car is very simple. It consists of large rechargeable batteries. These batteries are to be charged at a charging point. Further, the batteries store the electricity. They power the electric motor and turn the wheels. Furthermore, electric cars run faster than fuel-powered cars. Hence, they feel very light to drive.

With this, we complete the working of Hybrid and electric cars. In the next part let’s see the difference between the two.

What is the difference between – Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car

The main difference between these types of cars is listed below:

  • Working of the car

A hybrid car consists of a combustion engine. These cars can work either on electricity or fuel. However, the battery storage capacity of a Hybrid car is less. Also, the speed of the car depends on the type of driving. Furthermore, some hybrid cars work on both the engine.

On the other hand, the working of an electric car is simple. They work only on electricity. The batteries in the car store electricity and power the motor. However, these cars don’t work on fuel. Also, they stop working in case batteries run out of power. But an electric car has larger batteries that can store more electricity.

  • Cost of fuel

The next difference between the cars is the fuel cost. A Hybrid car works on both electricity and also on fuel. However, an electric car works only on electricity. In simple words, both cars have batteries that can be recharged. Further, the source of electricity is different. Fossil fuels, solar, wind and hydro are the main source of electricity. Depending on the preference of the car owners, one can pick the source of electricity.

Furthermore, the cost of filling a tank with fuel is expensive. However, the cost of electricity price is lower than fuel.

  • Maintenance Cost

Hybrid and electric cars are different from each other in terms of maintenance costs. A hybrid car requires maintenance like a normal car. A car owner must invest in changing engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, belt etc. In addition to this, a hybrid car also needs to maintain its battery and engine.

On the other hand, electric car maintenance cost is universal. It requires maintenance in the form of tire changes and an insurance plan. It may also require structural changes. So, in conclusion, the cost of maintaining a hybrid car is more than an electric car.

  • Range

The fourth and the most important difference between the two cars is range. An electric car runs only as far as the battery power takes you. In case, an electric car runs out of power then it stops. A car owner must find a charging point to get the batteries charged. Also, he must wait for the batteries to recharge before using the car.

On the other hand, a hybrid car functions on both electricity and fuel. So, the range of a hybrid car is more than that of an electric car. In case the batteries of a hybrid car run out of charge, there is no issue. The owner of the car can switch to fuel mode and continue driving.

  • Experience

The last difference between the two types of cars is experience. Most people enjoy riding electric cars. Electric cars provide a smooth riding experience. They are not as tough as riding a regular car. On the other hand, hybrid cars are smooth to ride. However, it depends on the type of driving. There is no doubt that dual engine is advantages. But the fuel-based engine is not as smooth as an electric engine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car?

The first advantage of a Hybrid car is less emission. As hybrid cars use both combustion engines and electricity is makes less emission. Further, this type of car is environment-friendly.

The next type of advantage of hybrid cars is less fuel dependency. Also, hybrid cars come with smaller and efficient engines.  

The main disadvantages of hybrid car are cost. Hybrid cars are expensive to produce. Hence they are also costlier to purchase. Apart from this, hybrid cars offer lower performance or acceleration. Lastly, there are also high in maintenance.

The first and most important advantage of an electric car is they don’t use fuel. These types of cars are more environment-friendly. People and family willing to leave less carbon footprint like electric cars.

Apart from this electric cars helps in saving money. The cost of running a car on electricity is less than fuel. Lastly, an electric car also provides a smooth experience. They are less expensive in comparison to hybrid cars. Furthermore, the choice of electric cars is more in comparison to hybrid cars.

The main disadvantage of an electric car is the range. It is less in range in comparison to hybrid cars. An electric car can run for 60 to 70 miles on a fully powered battery. Hence, people with long commutes cannot use electric cars.

Tips for buying an Hybrid Car Vs Electric Car for first-time buyers

  1. The first tip for new car owners buying electric or hybrid cars is range. Before buying the car, consider the range of travel. The number of miles that these types of cars cover is less in comparison to regular cars. Hence, consider the range offered by these cars.
  1. The next step to consider when buying these types of cars is a charging facility. Check out the charging outs or infrastructure available in your locality. In times of emergency, the charging point must be easily accessible. As it helps to recharge the batteries of the car.
  2. The third tip for people buying electric or hybrid cars is the cost. Consider the cost of price and maintenance associated with these types of vehicles. An electric or hybrid car needs a different type of maintenance. These costs are in addition to universal charges like insurance.
  3. The fourth tip for buying these types of vehicles is a warranty. Fuel-efficient cars are here for a long time. But the technology that runs these cars are not fully developed. Hence, owners of hybrid or electric cars look for some safety. Most manufacturers offer safety in terms of warranties. In many cases warranty is offered not only for cars but also for batteries.
  4. The last tip for people buying electric or hybrid cars is a lifestyle. Before buying these types of cars check to see if they match your lifestyle.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, electric or hybrid cars are environmental – friendly. They are fuel-efficient as they use less or fuel to run. However, electric and hybrid cars are different in various ways. Consider the details mentioned in the article before making a decision.

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