How to Arrange Beautiful Flower Baskets For Anniversary?

Beautiful Flower Basket

A wedding anniversary is always a very special day to celebrate, isn’t it? It is the perfect day to express your love for your partner as well as celebrating marital bliss. Moreover, this one day refreshes a thousand memories you have shared with your beloved for so long. 

So on this day, if you express your love or heartfelt emotions by gifting your spouse with a beautiful flower basket, nothing can be better than that, right? But if you customize it by arranging it in your way, it will become even more special. So now, let us look at the steps you need to follow to make a perfect flower basket. 

Steps of Arranging A Beautiful Flower Basket

Well, arranging a perfect flower basket isn’t as easy a task as you may think. Firstly you must know which are the ones you want to have in the basket. Then, of course, you need to take proper care of the flowers. So you can mix and match and create a perfect flower basket for your anniversary. 

Let us now take a look at the following steps of arranging a flower basket:

Prepare Your Containers or Baskets Properly

When you plan to gift a flower basket, you need to select the flowers that best fit your environment. Also, pick the right colors, which you think your partner might love. In addition, you need to consider the growing conditions of the flowers as well. 

Therefore, you can fill your baskets with potting mix rather than garden soil so that it drains better. 

Choose the Best Flowers For Your Basket

By mixing shapes, colors, heights, and plants, you can create the most beautiful flower basket for your partner. If you are confused, you can watch some YouTube videos on flower arrangements or take the help of florists for ideas. 

Plant Your Flowers 

Now that you have selected your flowers for the basket, it is time you plant them properly. Here are some of the steps of planting the flowers:

  • Firstly dig holes where you want to place each plant and make sure they are deep enough to hold its roots.
  • Next, very carefully pick each plant from its pot and place them inside the hole. 
  • If you find that the roots are heavily entwined, loosen the root ball.
  • Now, gently place the roots in the soil and fill the soil around it. 
  • Lastly, you need to thoroughly water the plants and pinch all existing dry flowers so that the plant uses the entire energy to develop a strong root system.

Final Touches To Your Flower Basket

After your flowers are fully bloomed now, you need to finish the arrangement like a pro. Well, along with some filler flowers, you can finish the design with some floaters or delicate blooms like sedum, yarrow, etc. Furthermore, before finishing, do not forget to add a light spritz of water to mimic the look of fresh dew. Then, your beautiful handmade flower basket is ready for your special day!

Summing It Up

Flower baskets as gifts are always very special and are sure to impress your beloved on your anniversary day. So plan it a bit beforehand to get the time even to plant the flowers and prepare them accordingly.

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