5 Best Airbnb Alternatives To Save Money for Vacation

Airbnb alternatives

Airbnb is one of the most prominent online vacation rental marketplaces. As per SimilarWeb, Airbnb’s website is the second most popular in the Accommodation & Hotels category, trailing only Booking.com. The company has fundamentally altered the short-term rental market, while also having a significant impact on the long-term rental market. Whether you view Airbnb as a saviour or a monster, you now have more lodging options than ever before. While Airbnb’s marketplace is consuming the travel industry, it is far from the only choice. To be clear, I adore staying in Airbnbs. However, I enjoy broadening my horizons and trying new things. Airbnb was formerly considered an alternative; today it is considered mainstream.

It’s one of the Airbnb Alternatives and vacation houses (short and long term rentals) are easy to find if you know how to search. Accept nothing less than amazing.

Top 5 Airbnb alternatives To Save Money for Vacation



While the strangely-named VRBO is not fundamentally different from Airbnb Alternatives, it does present a better inventory and the opportunity for lower costs – owing to its low-key status. The Colorado firm began in 1995, long before Airbnb was even a dream, making it one of the internet’s pioneers.

2. House Sitting – For Dog Lovers And Those Who Appreciate Local Culture

House Sitting

Housecarers.com is an excellent method to get a feel for a property that you would otherwise consider out of reach. Individuals rent their houses to other platform users — complete with wide-screen TVs, walk-in bedrooms, jacuzzis, steam rooms, massage parlours, and home theatres. It may sound dangerous, but it works quite well—ninety-nine per cent of individuals are trustworthy and sincere. There are mechanisms in place to prevent crazy people.

The critical point is to treat the house as if it were your own, so assisting the site in continuing to offer house-sitting options. It’s an incredible resource, and I wish it nothing but success. The sharing economy continues to exist.

A second alternative is to visit pet-friendly websites such as Trusted House Sitters. You must be capable of caring for pets. Naturally, if you are not an animal lover, this is not a choice for you. However, Airbnb Alternatives is an excellent option to experience house and apartment life rather than hotel accommodations.

3. House Exchange – For Individuals And Families

House Exchange

If you own assets and are comfortable renting them out while you are gone, you can exchange them for someone else’s at your destination. There are financial transactions (as long as you own real estate), and you can practically sleep for free anywhere in the world.

Nightswapping is a house exchange business that connects travellers with homeowners in their desired destination and ensures both parties. Allowing someone to book your house earns you one ‘free’ night that you can utilise on your travels. This Airbnb alternative has a vibe about it, and they appear to be extensively promoting themselves via Facebook advertisements and other forms of advertising to acquire traction.

4. Monastery – For History Enthusiasts & Culture Vultures

Become a Monk for a Day with a Monastery Stay! While sleeping at a monastery is unlikely to be at the top of your bucket list, it is a viable option. And you may discover that it is the highlight of your trip. Monasteries were previously a popular form of lodging. Long-distance travellers frequently sought out monasteries that would accommodate them for the night. Monasteries can be found in the majority of European countries, and admission is by gift or at a set charge. Private or shared beds are available, so the Airbnb Alternatives are possibilities for any budget.

5. Couchsurfing – For Backpackers And Sociable Persons

Couchsurfing is one of the more established sites on this list (formed in 2003), having assisted millions of friendly travellers in finding a place to stay for the night (or longer). The watchword here is ‘friendly,’ as introverts and strangers will just not endear themself to the host. The site vets guests and hosts using a rating system. Difficult couch surfers will quickly discover that their ratings/feedback numbers are far lower than average. Of course, if you enjoy having strange people sleep on our couch, you’ll know how to track them down, and everyone will be pleased.

In theory, sites like Airbnb aimed towards budget travellers and hosts looking to meet new people from all over the world.

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